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Ref ID: 30234
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Sartono, S.
Title: On the stratigraphic position of Pithecanthropus mandible-C
Date: 1970
Source: Proceedings of the Institut Teknologi Bandung
Abstract: Up to now almost all of Java's Early as well as Middle Pleistocene hominids are surface finds. As a result, the relative age determinations of these specimens are matters of speculations. Pithecanthropus C is also a surface find and obtained from the surface of the Lower Pleistocene Putjangan beds from the Sangiran area (Central Java, Indonesia). Within the encrusting matrix of the Pithecanthropus mandible have been collected a fauna of smaller foraminifera. Based on comparison of this faunal assemblage with the faunal associations of smaller foraminifera from the Putjangan beds, the stratifgraphic position of the mandible can be established and in this way its relative age is supposed to be Late Lower Pleistocene.
Date Created: 5/3/2006
Volume: 4
Number: 4
Page Start: 91
Page End: 102