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Book Section 1970 Alexander, John The domestication of yams: a multi-disciplinary approach Science in Archeology: A Survey of Progress and Research [Alexander, 1970 #37138]
Journal Article 1970 Treistman, Judith M. Ch‘ü-chia-ling and the early cultures of the Hanshui Valley, China Asian Perspectives (1968) [Treistman, 1970 #26872]
Journal Article 1970 Spoehr, Alexander Archaeological survey of southern Zamboanga and the Sulu Archipelago Asian Perspectives (1968) [Spoehr, 1970 #26871]
Book in a Series 1970 Bayard, D. T. Non Nok Tha: the 1968 excavation procedure, stratigraphy, and summary of the evidence [Bayard, 1970 #21639]
Journal Article 1970 van Keekeren, H. R. A metal kettle-drum recently discovered in north-western Thailand Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde [van 1970 #27603]
Journal Article 1970 Carneiro, Robert L. A theory on the origin of the state Science [Carneiro, 1970 #28020]
Journal Article 1970 Yamamoto Tatsuro, Myths explaining the vicissitudes of political power in ancient Vietnam Acta Asiatica [Yamamoto 1970 #28224]
Journal Article 1970 Bronson, B. Excavation at Chansen, 1968-1969 Silpakorn Journal [Bronson, 1970 #28333]
Journal Article 1970 Morgunov, Y. G. Basic features of tectonics of North Viet Nam International Geology Review [Morgunov, 1970 #28400]
Book 1970 United Nations Survey of world iron ore resources: occurrence and appraisal [United 1970 #20114]
Book 1970 Getchell, Shelley Sawankhalok porcelain exhibition [Getchell, 1970 #20227]
Book in a Series 1970 Needham, Joseph Civil engineering and nautics [Needham, 1970 #21707]
Journal Article 1970 Myint Aung, The excavations at Halin Journal of the Burma Research Society [Myint 1970 #29063]
Book 1970 Needham, Joseph Clerks and craftsmen in China and the West: lectures and addresses on the history of science and technology, based largely on collaborative work with Wang Ling, Lu Gwei-Djen and Ho Ping-Yü [Needham, 1970 #20354]
Thesis 1970 Mughal, Mohammad Rafique The early Harappan period in the Greater Indus Valley and northern Baluchistan Department of Anthropology [Mughal, 1970 #36369]
Journal Article 1970 Maringer, J. Die Steinartefakte aus der Stegodon-fossilschicht von Mengeruda auf Flores, Indonesien Anthropos [Maringer, 1970 #29312]
Journal Article 1970 Maringer, J. Notes on stone artefacts in the National Archaeology Institute of Indonesia at Djakarta, collected from the Stegodon-fossil bed at Boaleza in Flores Anthropos [Maringer, 1970 #29311]
Journal Article 1970 Tamers, M. A. Validity of radiocarbon dates on terrestrial snail shells American Antiquity [Tamers, 1970 #29358]
Journal Article 1970 Jacobson, Jerome Palaeolithic occupation floors in India Current Anthropology [Jacobson, 1970 #29516]
Journal Article 1970 Ghosh, N. C. On the Neolithic pottery of eastern India Journal of the Oriental Institute [Ghosh, 1970 #29668]
Book in a Series 1970 Kuhn, Thomas S. The structure of scientific revolutions [Kuhn, 1970 #21750]
Book 1970 Fergusson, J. Archéologie des hautes terres et de l'Afrique orientale: anthropologie [Fergusson, 1970 #20595]
Book 1970 Hodges, Henry Technology in the ancient world [Hodges, 1970 #20628]
Journal Article 1970 Corvinus, G. The Acheulian workshop at Chirki on the Pravara River, Maharashtra Indian Antiquary [Corvinus, 1970 #29823]
Journal Article 1970 Chaudhuri, Mamata The techniques of colouring glass and ceramic materials in ancient and medieval India Indian Journal of History of Science [Chaudhuri, 1970 #29872]
Book Section 1970 Christie, A. H. The provenance and chronology of early Indian cultural influence in South-East Asia R. C. Majumdar felicitation volume [Christie, 1970 #23886]
Book Section 1970 Brill, Robert H. The chemical interpretation of the texts Glass and glassmaking in ancient Mesopotamia: an edition of the cuneiform texts which contain instructions for glassmakers with a catalogue of surviving objects [Brill, 1970 #23905]
Book 1970 Breeks, James Wilkinson An account of the primitive tribes and monuments of the Nilagiris [Breeks, 1970 #20729]
Journal Article 1970 Sartono, S. On the stratigraphic position of Pithecanthropus mandible-C Proceedings of the Institut Teknologi Bandung [Sartono, 1970 #30234]
Journal Article 1970 Nguyen Duy Ty Những nền văn hóa khảo cổ thuộc thời đại Hùng Vương Hùng Vương Dung Nuoc [Nguyen 1970 #30232]