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Journal Article 2022 Louys, Julien Speleological and environmental history of Lida Ajer cave, western Sumatra Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B [Louys, 2022 #37080]
Journal Article 2020 Rizal, Yan Last appearance of Homo erectus at Ngandong, Java, 117,000-108,000 years ago Nature [Rizal, 2020 #19021]
Journal Article 2020 Brasseur, Boris A younger "earliest human migration" to Southeast Asia Science [Brasseur, 2020 #19017]
Journal Article 2011 Kaifu, Yousuke Craniofacial morphology of <i>Homo floresiensis:</i> description, taxonomic affinities, and evolutionary implication Journal of Human Evolution [Kaifu, 2011 #26650]
Journal Article 2017 Argue, Debbie The affinities of <i>Homo floresiensis</i> based on phylogenetic analyses of cranial, dental, and postcranial characters Journal of Human Evolution [Argue, 2017 #26648]
Journal Article 2009 Jungers, W. L. Descriptions of the lower limb skeleton of <i>Homo floresiensis</i> Journal of Human Evolution [Jungers, 2009 #26642]
Journal Article 2009 Larson, S. G. Descriptions of the upper limb skeleton of <i>Homo floresiensis</i> Journal of Human Evolution [Larson, 2009 #26641]
Journal Article 2018 Wang, Qian The dates of the discovery of the first Peking Man fossil teeth Asian Perspectives [Wang, 2018 #26713]
Journal Article 2018 Ingicco, T. Earliest known hominin activity in the Philippines by 709 thousand years ago Nature [Ingicco, 2018 #26710]
Book Section 2017 Rabett, Ryan J. The early human occupation of East and Southeast Asia Handbook of East and Southeast Asian Archaeology [Rabett, 2017 #22301]
Book Section 2017 Krigbaum, John Early occupation of Southeast Asia: dental-skeletal evidence Handbook of East and Southeast Asian Archaeology [Krigbaum, 2017 #22300]
Journal Article 1932 Colani, M. Le sinanthropus pekinensis Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Colani, 1932 #27110]
Journal Article 2017 Sun, Xuefeng TT-OSL and post-IR IRSL dating of the Dali Man site in central China Quaternary International [Sun, 2017 #27356]
Journal Article 2017 Wei, Pianpian Structural analysis of the femoral diaphyses of an early modern human from Tianyuan Cave, China Quaternary International [Wei, 2017 #27362]
Journal Article 2017 Zhang, Yameng Comparing methods for estimating cranial capacity in incomplete human fossils using the Jingchuan 1 partial cranium as an example Quaternary International [Zhang, 2017 #27361]
Journal Article 2017 Han, Fei The earliest evidence of hominid settlement in China: combined electron spin resonance and uranium series (ESR/U-series) dating of mammalian fossil teeth from Longgupo cave Quaternary International [Han, 2017 #27359]
Journal Article 2016 Roberts, Patrick Tropical forests and the genus <i>Homo</i> Evolutionary Anthropology [Roberts, 2016 #27387]
Journal Article 2015 Larick, Roy Early hominin biogeography in Island Southeast Asia Evolutionary Anthropology [Larick, 2015 #27581]
Journal Article 2016 Reyes-Centeno, Hugo Out of Africa and into Asia: fossil and genetic evidence on modern human origins and dispersals Quaternary International [Reyes-Centeno, 2016 #27610]
Manuscript 2001 Pureetpatong, N. A preliminary report of an analysis of human skeletal remains from Muang Sema, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, northeast Thailand [Pureetpatong, 2001 #36069]
Thesis Noerwidi, S. The significance of the Holocene human skeleton Song Keplek 5 in the history of human colonization of Java: a comprehensive morphological and morphometric study [Noerwidi, #36293]
Book Section 2006 Détroit, F. <i>Homo sapiens</i> in Southeast Asian archipelagoes: the Holocene fossil evidence with special reference to funerary practices in east Java Austronesian diaspora and the ethnogenesis of people in Indonesian archipelago [Détroit, 2006 #22373]
Book 2005 Majid, Z. Perak man and other prehistoric skeletons of Malaysia [Majid, 2005 #19798]
Journal Article 2007 H. Shang, An early modern human from Tianyuan cave, Zhoukoudian, China PNAS [H. 2007 #27712]
Journal Article 2013 Storm, P. U-series and radiocarbon analyses of human and faunal remains from Wajak, Indonesia Journal of Human Evolution [Storm, 2013 #27711]
Journal Article 2008 Coppens, Y. Discovery of an archaic <i>homo sapiens</i> skullcap in northeast Mongolia Comptes Rendus Palevol [Coppens, 2008 #27722]
Journal Article 2002 Cunningham, D. L. Within-group human variation in the Asian Pleistocene: the three Upper Cave crania Journal of Human Evolution [Cunningham, 2002 #27721]
Journal Article 2012 Demeter, Fabrice Reply to Pierret et al. PNAS [Demeter, 2012 #27756]
Conference Paper 2014 Demeter, Fabrice The Tam Pa Ling case: where archaic and modern humans met The 20th Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association Congress [Demeter, 2014 #26411]
Conference Paper 2013 Shackelford, Laura L. Mosaic traits of the human mandible from Tam Pa Ling, Laos at 46 ka. Paleoanthropology Society Meeting [Shackelford, 2013 #26409]