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Ref ID: 29227
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Doelman, Trudy
Title: Flexibility and creativity in microblade core manufacture in Southern Primorye, Far East Russia
Date: 2008
Source: Asian Perspectives (2008)
Abstract: The purely typological approach to microblade technology often obscures the range of variability seen in the creative and flexible ways microblade cores were prepared and the reasons behind this variability. There is a real need to understand the situational context of microblade production and move the focus of investigation on to the microblades themselves, as these are the key components of an effective riskreduction strategy. Combining a typological and technological approach to study standardization in core preparation and the resulting microblades made from volcanic glass within a known geological context has shown that key characteristics of both are vital to the successful implementation of this technological approach.
Date Created: 9/14/2009
Volume: 47
Number: 2
Page Start: 352
Page End: 370