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Ref ID: 29054
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Weber, Steve
Lehman, Heather
Barela, Timothy
Hawks, Sean
Harriman, David
Title: Rice or millets: early farming strategies in prehistoric central Thailand
Date: 2010
Source: Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences
Notes: published online
Abstract: Ancient seeds from archaeological sites can provide clues that are crucial for understanding and characterizing subsistence strategies. This in turn contributes to our understanding of, and explanations for, the relationship between socioeconomic systems and organization of craft production. This article will examine the relationship between rice and millets at three prehistoric sites from a regional copper-producing center in central Thailand to provide new insights into the subsistence strategy of these communities and to better understand the relationship between these crops and their introduction and use in Southeast Asia.
Date Created: 6/17/2010
Volume: 2
Page Start: 79
Page End: 88