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Journal Article 2016 Li, HaiMing Prehistoric agriculture development in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, southwest China: Archaeobotanical evidence Science China Earth Sciences [Li, 2016 #37320]
Book Section 2022 Fuller, Dorian Q. A series of cereals: a global archaeology of domestication, cereal agriculture and staple foods Ancient Grains in Modern Soils [Fuller, 2022 #37259]
Journal Article 2023 Huang, Yunshi The early adoption of East Asian crops in West Asia: rice and broomcorn millet in northern Iran Antiquity [Huang, 2023 #37227]
Journal Article 2023 Wang, Weiwei Earliest curry in Southeast Asia and the global spice trade 2000 years ago Science Advance [Wang, 2023 #37216]
Journal Article 2023 Wang, Bingyan Patterns of spread and adoption of millet agriculture along the eastern rim of the Tibetan Plateau: archaeobotanical evidence from Houzidong, Southwest China (4200-400cal. BP) Archaeological Research in Asia [Wang, 2023 #37215]
Journal Article 2022 Barron, Aleese Identifying archaeological parenchyma in three dimensions: Diagnostic assessment of five important food plant species in the Indo-Pacific region Archaeology in Oceania [Barron, 2022 #37188]
Journal Article 2018 Castillo, Cristina Cobo Hunter-gatherer specialization in the late Neolithic of southern Vietnam – The case of Rach Nui Quaternary International [Castillo, 2018 #37149]
Book Section 2022 Fuller, Damien Q. Cereals of Southeast Asia The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Fuller, 2022 #37025]
Journal Article 2022 Dal Martello, Rita The origins of multi-cropping agriculture in Southwestern China: Archaeobotanical insights from third to first millennium B.C. Yunnan Asian Archaeology [Dal 2022 #37005]
Book Section in a Series 2020 Eusebio, Michelle S. State of organic residue analysis in Southeast Asia: plant biomolecules as archaeobotanical evidence Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2019: selected papers from the Third SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology, Bangkok, Thailand 2019 [Eusebio, 2020 #36952]
Journal Article 2020 Fuller, Dorian Q. Transitions in productivity: rice intensification from domestication to urbanisation Archaeology International [Fuller, 2020 #36923]
Journal Article 2015 Weisskopf, Alison Phytoliths and rice: from wet to dry and back again in the Neolithic Lower Yangtze Antiquity [Weisskopf, 2015 #36867]
Journal Article 2018 Silva, Fabio A tale of two rice varieties: modeling the prehistoric dispersals of  japonica  and proto-japonica rices Holocene [Silva, 2018 #36840]
Journal Article 2018 Kingwell-Banham, Eleanor Archaeobotanical investigations into Golbai Sasan and Gopalpur, two Neolithic-Chalcolithic settlements of Odisha Ancient Asia [Kingwell-Banham, 2018 #36837]
Book Section in a Series 2017 Fuller, Dorian Q. Charred pummelo peel, historical linguistics and other tree crops: approaches to framing the historical context of early  Citrus  cultivation in East, South and Southeast Asia The history and archaeology of the citrus fruit from the Far East to the Mediterranean: acclimatization, diversifications, uses [Fuller, 2017 #36834]
Journal Article 2004 Fuller, Dorian Early plant domestication in southern India: some preliminary archaeobotany results Vegetation History and Archaeobotany [Fuller, 2004 #36833]
Journal Article 2006 Fuller, Dorian Q. The archaeobotany of Indian pulses: identification, processing and evidence for cultivation Environmental Archaeology [Fuller, 2006 #36832]
Journal Article 2018 Castillo, Cristina C. Social responses to climate change in Iron Age north-east Thailand: new archaeobotanical evidence Antiquity [Castillo, 2018 #36829]
Journal Article 2020 Barron, Aleese Sherds as archaeobotanical assemblages: Gua Sireh reconsidered Antiquity [Barron, 2020 #36813]
Journal Article 2020 Ishikawa, Ryo Genetic evaluation of domestication-related traits in rice: implications for the archaeobotany of rice origins Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Ishikawa, 2020 #36808]
Journal Article 2020 Castillo, Cristina Cobo The Khmer did not live by rice alone: archaeobotanical investigations at Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm Archaeological Research in Asia [Castillo, 2020 #36792]
Journal Article 2020 O'Donnell, Shawn Holocene development and human use of mangroves and limestone forest at an ancient  hong  lagoon in the Tràng An karst, Ninh Binh, Vietnam Quaternary Science Reviews [O'Donnell, 2020 #36773]
Journal Article 2020 Guedes, Jade d'Alpoim Three thousand years of farming strategies in central Thailand Antiquity [Guedes, 2020 #36763]
Journal Article 1999 Branigan, Keith The gardens of the royal palace at Ayutthaya Journal of the Siam Society [Branigan, 1999 #36685]
Journal Article 2020 Deng, Zhenhua Validating earliest rice farming in the Indonesian Archipelago Scientific Reports [Deng, 2020 #36676]
Journal Article 2020 Field, J. H. Functional studies of flaked and ground stone artefacts reveal starchy tree nut and root exploitation in mid-Holocene highland New Guinea The Holocene [Field, 2020 #36654]
Journal Article 2020 Xiao, Xiayun Vegetation, climate and human impact since 20 ka in central Yunnan Province based on high-resolution pollen and charcoal records from Dianchi, southwestern China Quaternary Science Reviews [Xiao, 2020 #36653]
Journal Article 2020 Gutaker, Rafal M. Genomic history and ecology of the geographic spread of rice Nature Plants [Gutaker, 2020 #36651]
Journal Article 2020 Fuentes, Riczar Stuck within notches: direct evidence of plant processing during the last glacial maximum to Holocene in North Sulawesi Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Fuentes, 2020 #19618]
Journal Article 2020 Ren, Lele Foraging and farming: Archaeobotanical and zooarchaeological evidence for Neolithic exchange on the Tibetan Plateau Antiquity [Ren, 2020 #19611]