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Journal Article 2016 Li, HaiMing Prehistoric agriculture development in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, southwest China: Archaeobotanical evidence Science China Earth Sciences [Li, 2016 #37320]
Journal Article 2021 Higham, Charles F. W. The later prehistory of Southeast Asia and southern China: the impact of exchange, farming and metallurgy Asian Archaeology [Higham, 2021 #37319]
Book Section 2022 Piper, Philip J. The Neolithic of Vietnam The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Piper, 2022 #37283]
Journal Article 2018 Oxenham, Marc F. Between foraging and farming: strategic responses to the Holocene Thermal Maximum in Southeast Asia Antiquity [Oxenham, 2018 #37281]
Journal Article 2023 Leipe, Christian Population dynamics in Taiwan from the Neolithic to early historic periods (5000-100cal BP): linking cultural developments and environmental change Archaeological Research in Asia [Leipe, 2023 #37276]
Journal Article 2019 Higham, C. F. W. Environmental and social change in Northeast Thailand during the Iron Age Cambridge Archaeological Journal [Higham, 2019 #37270]
Book Section 2022 Fuller, Dorian Q. A series of cereals: a global archaeology of domestication, cereal agriculture and staple foods Ancient Grains in Modern Soils [Fuller, 2022 #37259]
Journal Article 2023 Huang, Yunshi The early adoption of East Asian crops in West Asia: rice and broomcorn millet in northern Iran Antiquity [Huang, 2023 #37227]
Journal Article 2023 Wang, Bingyan Patterns of spread and adoption of millet agriculture along the eastern rim of the Tibetan Plateau: archaeobotanical evidence from Houzidong, Southwest China (4200-400cal. BP) Archaeological Research in Asia [Wang, 2023 #37215]
Book Section 2021 Fuller, Dorian The origins and spread of cereal agriculture in Mainland Southeast Asia The Languages and Linguistics of Mainland Southeast Asia [Fuller, 2021 #37205]
Journal Article 2021 Carter, Alison Kyra The evolution of agro-urbanism: a case study from Angkor, Cambodia Journal of Anthropological Archaeology [Carter, 2021 #37201]
Journal Article 1946 Chevalier, Auguste Nouvelles recherches sur les ignames cultivées Revue internationale de botanique appliquée et d'agriculture tropicale [Chevalier, 1946 #37183]
Journal Article 2022 Wang, Weiwei Rice and millet cultivated in Ha Long Bay of Northern Vietnam 4000 years ago Frontiers in Plant Science [Wang, 2022 #37177]
Book Section 2022 Rispoli, Fiorella The expansion of rice and millet farmers into Southeast Asia The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Rispoli, 2022 #37027]
Book Section 2022 Fuller, Damien Q. Cereals of Southeast Asia The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Fuller, 2022 #37025]
Book Section 2022 Piper, Philip J. The Neolithic of Vietnam The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Piper, 2022 #37021]
Journal Article 2022 Dal Martello, Rita The origins of multi-cropping agriculture in Southwestern China: Archaeobotanical insights from third to first millennium B.C. Yunnan Asian Archaeology [Dal 2022 #37005]
Journal Article 2021 Pfaffenberger, Bryan The anthropology of technology and a new paradigm for archaeometallurgical research?: Review of Joyce C. White and Elizabeth G. Hamilton, Ban Chiang, Northeast Thailand, Volume 2A: Background to the Study of the Metal Remains, Volume 2B: Metals and Related Evidence from Ban Chiang, Ban Tong, Ban Phak Top, and Don Klang, Volume 2C: The Metal Remains in Regional Context Advances in Archaeomaterials [Pfaffenberger, 2021 #37002]
Journal Article 2022 Peters, Joris The biocultural origins and dispersal of domestic chickens Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences [Peters, 2022 #37000]
Journal Article 2021 Vlok, Melandri Forager and farmer evolutionary adaptations to malaria evidenced by 7000 years of thalassemia in Southeast Asia Nature Scientific Reports [Vlok, 2021 #36968]
Journal Article 2020 Fuller, Dorian Q. Transitions in productivity: rice intensification from domestication to urbanisation Archaeology International [Fuller, 2020 #36923]
Book Section 2017 Bellwood, Peter Neolithic farmers and sailors in southern China, Taiwan, and the Philippines First islanders: prehistory and human migration in island Southeast Asia [Bellwood, 2017 #36875]
Journal Article 2015 Weisskopf, Alison Phytoliths and rice: from wet to dry and back again in the Neolithic Lower Yangtze Antiquity [Weisskopf, 2015 #36867]
Journal Article 2013 Guedes, Jade d'Alpoim Site of Baodun yields earliest evidence for the spread of rice and foxtail millet agriculture to south-west China Antiquity [Guedes, 2013 #36846]
Journal Article 2018 Guedes, Jade d'Alpoim Climate change stimulated agricultural innovation and exchange across Asia Science Advances [Guedes, 2018 #36845]
Book Section in a Series 2017 Fuller, Dorian Q. Charred pummelo peel, historical linguistics and other tree crops: approaches to framing the historical context of early  Citrus  cultivation in East, South and Southeast Asia The history and archaeology of the citrus fruit from the Far East to the Mediterranean: acclimatization, diversifications, uses [Fuller, 2017 #36834]
Journal Article 2020 Guedes, Jade d'Alpoim Three thousand years of farming strategies in central Thailand Antiquity [Guedes, 2020 #36763]
Book Section in a Series 2020 Eusebio, Michelle S. The relevance of archaeology to contemporary concerns: the Department of Agriculture of the Philippines and ancient foodways EurASEAA14: papers from the Fourteenth International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists. Volume 2: material culture and heritage [Eusebio, 2020 #36761]
Journal Article 1988 Olson, Grant A. An aesthetics of rice Journal of the Siam Society [Olson, 1988 #36722]
Journal Article 1990 Formoso, Bernard From the human body to the humanized space: the system of reference and representation of space in two villages of northeast Thailand Journal of the Siam Society [Formoso, 1990 #36710]