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Ref ID: 28639
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Fuller, Dorian Q.
Qin, Ling
Zheng, Yunfei
Zhao, Zhijun
Chen, Xugao
Hosoya, Leo Aoi
Sun, Guo-Ping
Title: The domestication process and domestication rate in rice: spikelet bases from the lower Yangtze
Date: 2009
Source: Science
Abstract: The process of rice domestication occurred in the Lower Yangtze region of Zhejiang, China, between 6900 and 6600 years ago. Archaeobotanical evidence from the site of Tianluoshan shows that the proportion of nonshattering domesticated rice (<i>Oryza sativa</i>) spikelet bases increased over this period from 27% to 39%. Over the same period, rice remains increased from 8% to 24% of all plant remains, which suggests an increased consumption relative to wild gathered foods. In addition, an assemblage of annual grasses, sedges, and other herbaceous plants indicates the presence of arable weeds, typical of cultivated rice, that also increased over this period.
Date Created: 9/29/2011
Volume: 323
Page Start: 1607
Page End: 1610