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Ref ID: 28479
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Callow, K. J.
Title: The geology of the Thanksgiving Mine, Baguio District, Mountain Province, Philippines
Date: 1967
Source: Economic Geology
Abstract: Small pyrometasomatic ore bodies contain massive sulfide, mainly sphaleirte and pyrite, with minor chalcopyrite, galena, arsenopyrite, magnetite, hematite, chlorite, calcite, garnet, and sphalerite gold, silver, zinc, copper, lead, sulfur, and cadmium are recovered. The tellurides altaite, hessite, petzite, and sylvanite are scattered through the sulfides and gangue minerals. Free gold occurs in pyrite and the telluride minerals. The ore occurs as veins and pods, mainly along contacts between diorite porphyry dikes and limestone
a few veins are entirely enclosed within the limestone. The diorite porphyry is regarded as the source of the ore.
Date Created: 12/8/2011
Volume: 62
Number: 4
Page Start: 472
Page End: 481