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Book Section 1967 Angel, J. Lawrence Porotic Hyperostosis or Osteoporosis Symmetrica Diseases in Antiquity: A Survey of the Diseases, Injuries and Surgery of Early Populations [Angel, 1967 #37139]
Journal Article 1967 Specht, Jim A prehistoric pottery site in coastal New Guinea Antiquity [Specht, 1967 #26782]
Journal Article 1967 Lampert, R. J. Horticulture in the New Guinea highlands- C<sub> 14 </sub> dating Antiquity [Lampert, 1967 #26778]
Journal Article 1967 Conklin, Harold C. Ifugao ethnobotany 1905-1965: the 1911 Beyer-Merrill report in perspective Economic Botany [Conklin, 1967 #27888]
Thesis 1967 White, J. Peter Taim bilong bipo: investigations towards a prehistory of the Papua-New Guinea Highlands [White, 1967 #36310]
Book 1967 Lieban, Richard Warren Cebuano sorcery: malign magic in the Philippines [Lieban, 1967 #19870]
Book 1967 Rawson, Philip S. The art of Southeast Asia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Burma, Java, Bali Praeger World of Art Series [Rawson, 1967 #19882]
Journal Article 1967 Ricklefs, M. C. Land and the law in the epigraphy of tenth-century Cambodia Journal of Asian Studies [Ricklefs, 1967 #28047]
Journal Article 1967 Brill, R. H. Isotope studies of ancient lead American Journal of Archaeology [Brill, 1967 #28071]
Journal Article 1967 Nafilyan, G. Les mur dans l'architecture khmere Annales de l'UniversiteĢ royale des beaux arts [Nafilyan, 1967 #28234]
Journal Article 1967 Callow, K. J. The geology of the Thanksgiving Mine, Baguio District, Mountain Province, Philippines Economic Geology [Callow, 1967 #28479]
Book 1967 Tilden, Freeman Interpreting our heritage [Tilden, 1967 #20144]
Book 1967 Sinha, Krishna K. Excavations of Sravasti, 1959 [Sinha, 1967 #20175]
Book Section 1967 Sayre, E. V. Some materials of glass manufacturing in antiquity Archaeological chemistry: a symposium [Sayre, 1967 #23420]
Journal Article 1967 Pearson, R. Prehistoric cultures of East Taiwan Asian and Pacific Archaeology [Pearson, 1967 #28897]
Book Section 1967 Maceda, M. N. A preliminary report on the Fenefe excavation, Kulaman plateau Studies in Philippine anthropology (in honor of H. Otley Beyer) [Maceda, 1967 #23633]
Journal Article 1967 Lamberg-Karlovsky, C. C. Archaeology and metallurgical technology in prehistoric Afghanistan American Anthropologist [Lamberg-Karlovsky, 1967 #29399]
Journal Article 1967 Lambert, H. T. The Indus flood-plain and the 'Indus' civilization Geographical Journal [Lambert, 1967 #29397]
Thesis 1967 Lacombe, Pierre Le Massif basaltique de Ratanakiri (Cambodge) et ses gisements de zircons-gemmes, son substratum, sa place en Indochine et dans le monde [Lacombe, 1967 #36381]
Journal Article 1967 Harrisson, B. A classification of Stone Age burials from the Niah Great Cave, Sarawak Sarawak Museum Journal [Harrisson, 1967 #29585]
Journal Article 1967 Gray, B. The export of Chinese porcelain to India Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society [Gray, 1967 #29634]
Book 1967 Gardner, L. S. Antimony deposits of Thailand [Gardner, 1967 #20567]
Book Section 1967 Smith, Cyril Stanley The interpretation of the microstructures of metallic artifacts Application of science in examination of works of art [Smith, 1967 #23808]
Book in a Series 1967 Hummel, C. L. Geology and mineral deposits of the Phuket mining district, south Thailand [Hummel, 1967 #21758]
Journal Article 1967 Dani, A. H. Timargarha and Gandhara grave culture Ancient Pakistan [Dani, 1967 #29805]
Book 1967 Coursey, D. G. Yams: an account of the nature, origins, cultivation and utilisation of the useful members of the Dioscoreaceae [Coursey, 1967 #20665]
Journal Article 1967 Chang, Kwang-chih The Yale expedition to Taiwan and the Southeast Asian horticultural evolution Discovery [Chang, 1967 #29899]
Journal Article 1967 Bhardawaj, H. C. A note on the composition of some glass beads from Rajghat, Varanasi Puratattva [Bhardawaj, 1967 #29942]
Book (Edited) 1967 Frasier, Douglas Early Chinese art and the Pacific basin: a photographic exhibition [Frasier, 1967 #21528]
Book Section 1967 de Almeida, A. A contribution to the study of rock paintings in Portuguese Timor Archaeology at the 11th Pacific Science Congress: papers presented at the XI Pacific Science Congress, Tokyo, August-September 1966 [de 1967 #23951]