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Ref ID: 27862
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Hsiao-chun Hung,
Carson, Mike T.
Bellwood, Peter
Campos, Fredeliza Z.
Piper, Philip J.
Dizon, Eusebio
Bolunia, Mary Jane Louise A.
Oxenham, Marc
Zhang Chi
Title: The first settlement of remote Oceania: the Philippines to the Marianas
Date: 2011
Source: Antiquity
Abstract: The authors compare pottery assemblages in the Marianas and the Philippines to claim endorsement for a first human expansion into the open Pacific around 1500 BC. The Marianas are separated from the Philippines by 2300km of open sea, so they are proposing an epic pioneering voyage of men and women, with presumably some cultivated plants but apparently no animals. How did they manage this unprecedented journey?
Date Created: 1/27/2016
Volume: 85
Number: 329
Page Start: 909
Page End: 926