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Journal Article 2023 Djami, Erlin Novita Idje Distribution of Austronesian languages and archaeology in Western New Guinea, Indonesia L'Anthropologie [Djami, 2023 #37220]
Book Section 2018 Gupta, Sunil The Archaeological Record of Indian Ocean Engagements: Bay of Bengal (5000 bc–500 ad) The Oxford Handbook of Topics in Archaeology [Gupta, 2018 #37160]
Journal Article 2010 Oppenheimer, Stephen Comment on 'Farming and Language in Island Southeast Asia Reframing Austronesian History'  Current Anthropology

[Oppenheimer, 2010 #37157]
Book in a Series (Edited) 2021 The Languages and Linguistics of Mainland Southeast Asia
A comprehensive guide
[ 2021 #37108]
Journal Article July 2022 Deng, Zhenhua Early Austronesians cultivated rice and millet together: tracing Taiwan’s first Neolithic crops Frontiers in Plant Science [Deng, July 2022 #37059]
Book Section 2022 Sagart, Laurent Language families of Southeast Asia The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Sagart, 2022 #37026]
Journal Article 2020 Hasanuddin Interaction between the Toalean and Austronesian cultures in the Mallawa area, Maros district, South Sulawesi Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Hasanuddin 2020 #36901]
Book Section 2017 Bellwood, Peter The early history of the Austronesian language family in island Southeast Asia First islanders: prehistory and human migration in island Southeast Asia [Bellwood, 2017 #36874]
Book Section 2008 Bellwood, Peter Austronesian cultural origins: out of Taiwan, via the Batanes Island, and onwards to western Polynesia Past human migrations in East Asia: matching archaeology, linguistics and genetics [Bellwood, 2008 #36848]
Journal Article 2019 Klamer, Marian The dispersal of Austronesian languages in Island South East Asia: current findings and debates Language and Lingustics Compass [Klamer, 2019 #18962]
Journal Article 2018 Posth, Cosimo Language continuity despite population replacement in Remote Oceania Nature Ecology & Evolution [Posth, 2018 #26848]
Journal Article 2017 Sagart, Laurent Austronesian and Chinese words for the millets Language Dynamics and Change [Sagart, 2017 #26896]
Journal Article 2017 Robbeets, Martine Austronesian influence and Transeurasian ancestry in Japanese: a case of farming/language dispersal Language Dynamics and Change [Robbeets, 2017 #26895]
Book Section 2017 Blench, Roger M. Origins of ethnolinguistic identity in Southeast Asia Handbook of East and Southeast Asian Archaeology [Blench, 2017 #22291]
Book Section in a Series 2017 Hung, Hsiao-chun Nephrite and mica industries: a link towards the Austronesian world Khao Sam Kaeo: An Early Port-City between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea [Hung, 2017 #25355]
Book Section 2017 Heath, Helen Enter the ceramic matrix: identifying the nature of the early austronesian settlement in the Cagayan Valley, Philippines New Perspectives in Southeast Asian and Pacific Prehistory [Heath, 2017 #22330]
Journal Article 2016 Grenet, Michel New insights on the late Pleistocene-Holocene lithic industry in East Kalimantan (Borneo): the contribution of three rock shelter sites in karstic area of the Mangkalihat peninsula Quaternary International [Grenet, 2016 #27614]
Book 2008 Hung H.-C. Migration and cultural interaction in southern coastal China and the northern Philippines, 3000 BC to AD 100: the early history of the Austronesian speaking populations [Hung 2008 #19787]
Journal Article 2010 Donohue, M. Farming and language in island Southeast Asia: reframing Austronesian history Current Anthropology [Donohue, 2010 #27718]
Journal Article 2014 Lipson, M. Reconstructing Austronesian population history in island Southeast Asia Nature Communications [Lipson, 2014 #27717]
Journal Article 2011 Hsiao-chun Hung, The first settlement of remote Oceania: the Philippines to the Marianas Antiquity [Hsiao-chun 2011 #27862]
Journal Article 2014 Hunt, C.O. Holocene landscape intervention and plant food production strategies in island and mainland Southeast Asia Journal of Archaeological Science [Hunt, 2014 #28081]
Book Section in a Series 2007 Pawley, Andrew The origins of early Lapita culture: the testimony of historical linguistics Oceanic explorations: Lapita and western Pacific settlement [Pawley, 2007 #25408]
Journal Article 2014 Carson, Mike T. Semiconductor theory in migration: population receivers, homelands and gateways in Taiwan and Island Southeast Asia World Archaeology [Carson, 2014 #28139]
Book Section 2013 Blench, Roger The prehistory of the Daic- or Kra-Dai-speaking peoples and the hypothesis of an Austronesian connection Unearthing Southeast Asia's past: selected papers from the 12th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Blench, 2013 #22857]
Journal Article 2011 Hsieh, Jaw-shu Studies on ancient rice– where botanists, agronomists, archeologists, linguists, and ethnologists meet Rice [Hsieh, 2011 #28422]
Journal Article 2011 Kirch, Patrick Anything but a backwater Antiquity [Kirch, 2011 #28469]
Book Section 1994 Grimes, Charles E. Named speech registers in Austronesian languages Language contact and change in the Austronesian world [Grimes, 1994 #23202]
Journal Article 2004 Sagart, Laurent The higher phylogeny of Austronesian and the position of Tai-Kadai Oceanic Linguistics [Sagart, 2004 #28625]
Journal Article 2004 Oppenheimer, Stephen The 'express train' from Taiwan to Polynesia: on the congruence of proxy lines of evidence World Archaeology [Oppenheimer, 2004 #28633]