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Ref ID: 26752
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Niziolek, Lisa C.
Title: Portable X-ray fluorescence analysis of ceramic covered boxes from the 12th/13th-century Java Sea Shipwreck: A preliminary investigation
Date: 2018
Source: Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports
DOI: 10.1016/j.jasrep.2018.08.029
Abstract: Forty-one ceramic boxes from the twelfth- or thirteenth-century Java Sea Shipwreck were analyzed at the Elemental Analysis Facility at Chicago's Field Museum using nondestructive portable x-ray fluorescence (PXRF). Twenty-two samples have a qingbai-type glaze and nineteen are painted ware with painted black decorations originally covered by a lead-based green glaze. The goals of the analysis were to (1) test whether visually similar ceramics shared similar elemental compositions
(2) identify ceramics that might have been made at different kiln sites (or from different paste recipes)
and (3) determine if compositional groups in the ceramic dataset differentiated using PXRF are archaeologically meaningful. Based on this study, although PXRF can be successfully used to some degree to differentiate between different groups of qingbai-type ceramics, more research needs to be done on its applicability to painted ware pastes.
Date Created: 9/10/2018
Volume: 21
Page Start: 679
Page End: 701