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Journal Article 2024 Olivera, Baldomero M. Reconstructing Philippine history before 1521: the Kalaga Putuan Crescent and the Austronesian maritime trade network Journal of the Philippine-American Academy of Science and Engineering [Olivera, 2024 #37345]
Conference Proceeding Grave, Peter Maritime means and mountain ends: the origin of stoneware jars in mid 15th CE burial complexes of he Southern Cardamom Ranges, Cambodia Underwater Cultural Heritage [Grave, #37278]
Book Section 2023 Stark, Miriam T. The Mekong Delta before the Angkorian world The Angkorian World [Stark, 2023 #37256]
Book Section in a Series 2014 Stark, Miriam T. The archaeology of early modern South East Asia The Oxford Handbook of Historical Archaeology [Stark, 2014 #37202]
Journal Article 2018 Pawlik, Alfred F. The Philippines from c. 14,000 to 4,000 cal. BP in regional
Cambridge Archaeological Journal [Pawlik, 2018 #37167]
Book Section 2018 Gupta, Sunil The Archaeological Record of Indian Ocean Engagements: Bay of Bengal (5000 bc–500 ad) The Oxford Handbook of Topics in Archaeology [Gupta, 2018 #37160]
Journal Article 2021 Pawlik, Alfred F. Technology, adaptation, and mobility in maritime environments in the Philippines from the Late Pleistocene to Early/Mid-Holocene Quaternary International [Pawlik, 2021 #37120]
Journal Article 2021 Canilao, Michael Armand P. Isles of Passages: Transport geography perspective on Calayan and Lubang as gateways to the main Island of Luzon (Metal ages to early historical period, 500 BCE to CE 1600) Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Canilao, 2021 #37104]
Journal Article 2022 Perttola, Wesa Digital navigator on the Seas of the Selden map of China: Sequential least-cost path analysis using dynamic wind data Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory [Perttola, 2022 #37103]
Journal Article 2021 Hoppál, Krisztina Roman engraved gems from Southeast Asia Dissertationes Archaeologicae [Hoppál, 2021 #37083]
Book Section 2022 Manguin, Pierre-Yves Srivijaya The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Manguin, 2022 #37048]
Book Section 2022 Manguin, Pierre-Yves Early states of insular Southeast Asia The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Manguin, 2022 #37047]
Book Section 2022 Higham, Charles F. W. Social change in Southeast Asia during the Iron Age The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Higham, 2022 #37034]
Book Section 2022 Bellina, Bérénice Southeast Asian evidence for early Maritime Silk Road exchange and trade-related polities The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Bellina, 2022 #37033]
Book Section 2020 Ray, Himanshu Prabha Maritime cultural landscapes and expanding networks Coastal shrines and transnational maritime networks across India and Southeast Asia [Ray, 2020 #36783]
Book Section in a Series 2020 Zahorka, Herwig The hidden, unique, bronze battleship from Mt. Dobo, East Flores, Indonesia, assumed to date to the Dong-So'n period EurASEAA14: papers from the Fourteenth International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists. Volume 1: ancient and living traditions [Zahorka, 2020 #36739]
Journal Article 2017 Guy, John The Phanom Surin shipwreck, a Pahlavi inscription, and their significance for the history of early lower central Thailand Journal of the Siam Society [Guy, 2017 #36671]
Journal Article 2020 Yew Seng Tai The impact of Ming and Qing dynasty maritime bans on trade ceramics recovered from coastal settlements in northern Sumatra, Indonesia Archaeological Research in Asia [Yew 2020 #19044]
Journal Article 2019 Grave, Peter The Southeast Asian water frontier: coastal trade and mid-fifteenth c. CE "hill tribe" burials, southeastern Cambodia Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Grave, 2019 #18960]
Journal Article 2019 Pawlik, Alfred Burial traditions in early Mid-Holocene Island Southeast Asia: new evidence from Bubog-1, Ilin Island, Mindoro Occidental Antiquity [Pawlik, 2019 #18914]
Journal Article 2019 Walker Vadillo, Veronica A historiography of Angkor's river network: shifting the research paradigm to Westerdahl's maritime cultural landscape SPAFA Journal [Walker 2019 #18901]
Journal Article 2016 Reepmeyer, Christian Late Pleistocene/early Holocene maritime interaction in Southeastern Indonesia – Timor Leste Journal of Archaeological Science [Reepmeyer, 2016 #26625]
Journal Article 2015 Neri, Leee Anthony M. Mobility of early islanders in the Philippines during the Terminal Pleistocene/Early Holocene boundary: pXRF-analysis of obsidian artefacts Journal of Archaeological Science [Neri, 2015 #26624]
Book Section 2010 Manguin, Pierre-Yves The Maldives connection: pre-modern Malay World shipping across the Indian Ocean Civilisations des mondes insulaires (Madagascar, îles du canal de Mozambique, Mascareignes, Polynésie, Guyanes): Mélanges en l'honneur du Professeur Claude Allibert [Manguin, 2010 #22222]
Journal Article 2019 Bellina, Bérénice Southeast Asian early Maritime Silk Road trading polities' hinterland and the sea-nomads of the Isthmus of Kra Journal of Anthropological Archaeology [Bellina, 2019 #26666]
Journal Article 2019 Xu, Wenpeng Sourcing <i>qingbai</i> porcelains from the <i>Java Sea Shipwreck:</i> Compositional analysis using portable XRF Journal of Archaeological Science [Xu, 2019 #26669]
Journal Article 2018 Maloney, Tim Ryan Specialised lithic technology of terminal Pleistocene maritime peoples of Wallacea Archaeological Research in Asia [Maloney, 2018 #26698]
Book 2018 Chew, Sing C. The Southeast Asia connection: trade and polities in the Eurasian world economy, 500 BC–AD 500 [Chew, 2018 #19733]
Journal Article 2018 Niziolek, Lisa C. Portable X-ray fluorescence analysis of ceramic covered boxes from the 12th/13th-century Java Sea Shipwreck: A preliminary investigation Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Niziolek, 2018 #26752]
Journal Article 2014 Skelly, Robert Tracking ancient beach-lines inland: 2600-year-old dentate-stamped ceramics at Hopo, Vailala River region, Papua New Guinea Antiquity [Skelly, 2014 #26775]