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Conference Paper 2009 Rispoli, Fiorella Towards a working chronology for central Thailand: revising the sequence for the Khao Wong Prachan Valley and the greater Lopburi region. Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association, Hanoi Conference [Rispoli, 2009 #26427]
Conference Paper 2005 Southworth, Franklin C. Proto-Dravidian agriculture 7th ESCA Round Table Conference [Southworth, 2005 #26428]
Conference Paper 1985 Suchitta, Pornchai Early glass and stone beads or ornaments in Thailand 12th Congress of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Suchitta, 1985 #26429]
Conference Paper Solheim, Wilhelm G. The Son Vi and 'Hoabhinian' in Japan The Hoabinhian 60 years after Madeleine Colani: Anniversary Conference 28 December 1993 - 3 January 1994 [Solheim, #26430]
Conference Paper 1994 Shuhaimi, Nik Hasan The evolution of pre-modern urbanised centres in the Malay Peninsula, c. 500 BC - 500 AD 15th Congress of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Shuhaimi, 1994 #26431]
Conference Paper 2009 Beavan-Athfield, Nancy 15th-17th century jar burials in the Cardamom Mountains, Kingdom of Cambodia: a multidisciplinary investigation of secondary burials Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association, Hanoi Conference [Beavan-Athfield, 2009 #26432]
Conference Paper 2009 Bui Thi Thu Phuong Vietnam Bronze Age, the Pre-Dongsonian culture: a study of the Phung Nguyen cultural pottery The 4th Asian Graduate Forum on Southeast Asian Studies [Bui 2009 #26433]
Conference Paper 2010 Pigott, V. C. Revising the prehistoric cultural sequence for the greater Lopburi region, Central Thailand: an update 13th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Pigott, 2010 #26434]
Conference Paper 2003 Myo Thant Tyn East and Middle East, the convergence of East and Middle East glazed ceramic traditions in Myanmar Ceramic Traditions in Myanmar Seminar [Myo 2003 #26435]
Conference Paper 2000 Spriggs, M. Finding Australia: the failed Spanish settlement of a southern continent in 1606 Changing Geographies Conference, Barcelona, January 2000 [Spriggs, 2000 #26436]
Conference Paper 1990 Spriggs, M. Pleistocene Island Melanesia: whatever next? [Spriggs, 1990 #26437]
Conference Paper 1986 Spriggs, M. Archaeology and the spread of oceanic Austronesian languages: a tentative sequence Language and Culture Conference, University of Hawaii at Manoa, April 1986 [Spriggs, 1986 #26441]
Conference Paper 1987 Spriggs, M. Adornment or degradation? Prehistoric human impact on the Hawaiian landscape [Spriggs, 1987 #26440]
Conference Paper 1987 Spriggs, M. Renaming the Hawaiian cultural sequence [Spriggs, 1987 #26439]
Conference Paper 1988 Spriggs, M. Archaeological research in the North Solomons Province, PNG: 1966-1988 Waigani Seminar, September 1988 [Spriggs, 1988 #26438]
Conference Paper 1999 Do, Nguyen Trung Circular earthworks in Binphuoc province Conference on Circular Earthworks in Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, November 14-19, 1999 [Do, 1999 #26442]
Conference Paper 1969 Hoskins, K. F. G. Aspects of the geology of the tin-field of Southeast Asia Second Technical Conference on Tin [Hoskins, 1969 #26443]
Conference Paper 1988 Ha, Van Tan Different lines of post-Hoabinhian cultural development in the stone age in Vietnam Second International Conference of the Association of Southeast Asia Archaeologists in Western Europe [Ha, 1988 #26444]
Conference Paper 2004 Boonlop, Korakot Current research of prehistoric archaeology in the Sakon Nakhon Basin, northeast Thailand (in Thai) Thai Archaeology Conference [Boonlop, 2004 #26445]
Conference Paper 2003 Glover, I. C. State formation in early Southeast Asia with particular reference to the role of exchange networks with India and the Mediterranean world The emergence of statehood in early Southeast Asia [Glover, 2003 #26446]
Conference Paper 1983 de Casparsis, J. G. India and maritime Southeast Asia: a lasting relationship 3rd Sri Lanka Endowment Fund Lecture [de 1983 #26447]
Conference Paper 1932 Beck, H. C. Early Chinese beads of foreign type Proceedings of the First International Congress of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences [Beck, 1932 #26448]
Conference Paper 1990 Asmar, Teguh New findings of a wall painting in a stone chamber in Kota Raya 14th Conference of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association, held on August 25 - September 2, 1990 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia [Asmar, 1990 #26450]
Conference Paper 1893 Aymonier, Étienne The history of the Tchampa International Congress of Orientalists [Aymonier, 1893 #26449]
Conference Paper 1991 An, Chia-yao Ancient glass in the southeast coast of China The International Seminar on Ancient Trade and Cultural Contacts in Southeast Asia [An, 1991 #26451]
Conference Paper 2002 Lorrillard, Michel À propos du Vat Sisaket et du Vat Ho Phra Kèo Conférence internationale sur le Vat Sisaket, Vientiane, 28 février 2002 [Lorrillard, 2002 #26453]
Conference Paper 2005 Lorrillard, Michel The diffusion of Lao scripts Literary Heritage of Laos Conference, Vientiane, Laos, January 8-10, 2004 [Lorrillard, 2005 #26452]
Conference Paper 1962 Polunin, Ivan The effects of shifting agriculture on human health and disease Symposium on the Impact of Man on Humid Tropics Vegetation, Goroka, Territory of Papua and New Guinea, September, 1960 [Polunin, 1962 #26454]
Conference Paper 1967 Lo Hsiang Lin The Yüeh bronze drums, their manufacture and use Symposium on Historical, Archaeological and Linguistic Studies on Southern China, South-East Asia and the Hong Kong Region, University of Hong Kong, 1961 [Lo 1967 #26455]
Conference Paper 1968 Peacock, B. A. V. Studies in the prehistory of Pahang Fourth International Conference on Asian History, held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 5-10, 1968 [Peacock, 1968 #26456]