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Ref ID: 26427
Ref Type: Conference Paper
Authors: Rispoli, Fiorella
Ciarla, Roberto
Pigott, V. C.
Title: Towards a working chronology for central Thailand: revising the sequence for the Khao Wong Prachan Valley and the greater Lopburi region.
Date: 2009
Source: Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association, Hanoi Conference
Place of Publication: Hanoi
Date Freeform: November 29-December
Abstract: Recent conclusions reached as a result of long term research through the LoRAP and TAP collaborative efforts in central Thailand, including, in particular, those in the Greater Lopburi Region (GLR) and the Khao Wong Prachan Valley (KWPV), make it clear that a preliminary regional chronology and ceramic sequence, based on excavated evidence, are now attainable. This joint paper presents our initial overview of a working, revised site chronology for central Thai sites including the settlements of Tha Kae and Phu Noi and the sites associated with massive copper production, Non Pa Wai, Nil Kham Haeng, Non Mak La as well as those of the neighboring Khao Sai On district. Research thus far suggests that while the presence of copper in the region may date at the earliest to ca. 1400-1300 BC, the enormous accumulations of copper production remains which characterize sites in the GLR is now seen to be an Iron Age phenomenon, dating from the later 1st millennium BC and into the early 1st millennium AD. Evidence in support of these conclusions includes reconstructed ceramic assemblages with regional comparisons, as well as a detailed review of chronologically sensitive archaeological indicators (e.g., artefacts, burials, stratigraphy).
Date Created: 11/10/2011