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Journal Article 2011 Sagart, Laurent How many independent rice vocabularies in Asia? Rice [Sagart, 2011 #28428]
Journal Article 2017 Castillo, Cristina Cobo Hunter-gatherer specialization in the late neolithic of southern Vietnam - the case of Rach Nui Quaternary International [Castillo, 2017 #27388]
Journal Article 2009 Li, Xiaoqiang Increases of population and expansion of rice agriculture in Asia and anthropogenic methane emissions since 5000 BP Quaternary International [Li, 2009 #28635]
Journal Article 2008 Konishi, Saeko Inference of the <i>japonica</i> rice domestication process from the distribution of six functional nucleotide polymorphisms of domestication-related genes in various landraces and modern cultivars Plant and Cell Physiology [Konishi, 2008 #28622]
Journal Article 2007 Rakshit, Sujay Large-scale DNA polymorphism study of <i>Oryza sativa</i> and <i>O. rufipogon</i> reveals the origin and divergence of Asian rice Theoretical and Applied Genetics [Rakshit, 2007 #28620]
Journal Article 2000 Zhao, Zhijun Late Pleistocene/Holocene environments in the Middle Yangtze River Valley, China and rice (<i>Oryza sativa</i> L.) domestication: the phytolith evidence Geoarchaeology [Zhao, 2000 #32523]
Book Section in a Series 1998 Mahdi, Waruno Linguistic data on transmission of Southeast Asian cultigens to India and Sri Lanka Archaeology and language II: correlating archaeological and linguistic hypotheses [Mahdi, 1998 #25940]
Journal Article 2017 Barron, Aleese MicroCT reveals domesticated rice (Oryza sativa) within pottery sherds from early Neolithic sites (4150–3265 cal BP) in Southeast Asia Scientific Reports [Barron, 2017 #27036]
Journal Article 1995 White, Joyce C. Modeling the development of early rice agriculture: ethnoecological perspectives from northeast Thailand Asian Perspectives (1995) [White, 1995 #32842]
Journal Article 2007 Kovach, Michael J. New insights into the history of rice domestication TRENDS in Genetics [Kovach, 2007 #29645]
Journal Article 1959 Ting, Ying Notes on the Neolithic rice husks unearthed in Hupei K'ao-Ku Hsueh-pao [Acta Archaeologia Sinica] [Ting, 1959 #35935]
Journal Article 1999 Chen Xingcan, On the earliest evidence for rice cultivation in China Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Chen 1999 #35477]
Journal Article 1978 Chatterjee, P. G. On the origin of rice in India: some remarks Science and Culture [Chatterjee, 1978 #29892]
Journal Article 1976 Hill, R. D. On the origins of domesticated rice Journal of Oriental Studies [Hill, 1976 #29545]
Book Section in a Series 1986 Sørensen, Per On the problem of early rice in Southeast Asia Rice societies: Asian problems and prospects [Sørensen, 1986 #26330]
Journal Article 1985 Watabe, T. Origin and dispersal of rice in Asia East Asian Cultural Studies [Watabe, 1985 #28715]
Book in a Series 1988 Oka, Hiko-Ichi Origin of cultivated rice [Oka, 1988 #21950]
Journal Article 1999 Yuan Jiarong, Origins of pottery and rice cultivation in China YRCP (Newsletter of the Grant-in-aid Program for COE Research Foundation of the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, and Culture in Japan) [Yuan 1999 #33849]
Book Section 2000 Yano, Azusa Origins of rice cultivation addressed by ancient DNA analysis Monsoon: environmental change in Eurasia. The 1st ALDP/ELDP joint meeting [Yano, 2000 #24562]
Journal Article 2016 Fuller, Dorian Q. Pathways of rice diversification across Asia Archaeology International [Fuller, 2016 #27553]
Journal Article 2011 Fuller, Dorian Q. Pathways to Asian civilizations: tracing the origins and spread of rice and rice cultures Rice [Fuller, 2011 #28431]
Journal Article 2006 Londo, Jason P. Phylogeography of Asian wild rice, Oryza rufipogon, reveals multiple independent domestications of cultivated rice, Oryza sativa PNAS [Londo, 2006 #29746]
Book Section 2017 Crawford, Gary W. Plant domestication in East Asia Handbook of East and Southeast Asian Archaeology [Crawford, 2017 #22298]
Journal Article 2011 Fiskejö, Magnus Preface: "Rice and Language across Asia" Rice [Fiskejö, 2011 #28432]
Book Section 1979 Glover, Ian C. Prehistoric plant remains from Southeast Asia, with special reference to rice South Asian Archaeology 1977. Papers from the Fourth International Conference of the Association of South Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe, Held in the Istituto Universitario Orientale, Naples [Glover, 1979 #25090]
Journal Article 2007 Fuller, Dorian Q. Presumed domestication? Evidence for wild rice cultivation and domestication in the fifth millennium BC of the lower Yangtze region Antiquity [Fuller, 2007 #28642]
Journal Article 2004 Ma, Jianxin Rapid recent growth and divergence of rice nuclear genomes PNAS [Ma, 2004 #30670]
Journal Article 1998 D'Andrea, Catherine A. Review of "Subsistence and environment: the botanical evidence. The biological remains (Part II)" by G.B. Thompson [Vol. 4 of The excavation of Khok Phanom Di, a prehistoric site in central Thailand] Asian Perspectives (1998) [D'Andrea, 1998 #32778]
Book Section 1983 Endo, T. Rice Isozymes in plant genetics and breeding, part B [Endo, 1983 #24947]
Book Section 1974 Shastry, S. V. S. Rice Evolutionary studies in world crops [Shastry, 1974 #25094]