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Journal Article 2016 Zheng, Yunfei Rice domestication revealed by reduced shattering of archaeological rice from the lower Yangtze valley Scientific Reports [Zheng, 2016 #26982]
Journal Article 2000 Zhao, Zhijun Late Pleistocene/Holocene environments in the Middle Yangtze River Valley, China and rice (<i>Oryza sativa</i> L.) domestication: the phytolith evidence Geoarchaeology [Zhao, 2000 #32523]
Book Section 2002 Zhang Wenxu, The bi-peak-tubercle of rice, the character of ancient rice and the origin of cultivated rice The origins of pottery and agriculture [Zhang 2002 #24435]
Book Section 2002 Zhang Chi, Early pottery and rice phytolith remains from Xianrendong and Diaotonghuan sites, Wannian, Jiangxi province The origins of pottery and agriculture [Zhang 2002 #24434]
Journal Article 1999 Yuan Jiarong, Origins of pottery and rice cultivation in China YRCP (Newsletter of the Grant-in-aid Program for COE Research Foundation of the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, and Culture in Japan) [Yuan 1999 #33849]
Book Section 2000 Yano, Azusa Origins of rice cultivation addressed by ancient DNA analysis Monsoon: environmental change in Eurasia. The 1st ALDP/ELDP joint meeting [Yano, 2000 #24562]
Journal Article 1991 Yan Wenming, China's earliest rice agriculture remains Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Yan 1991 #35606]
Journal Article 2003 Yamanaka, Shinsuke Dual origin of the cultivated rice based on molecular markers of newly collected annual and perennial strains of wild rice species, <i>Oryza nivara</i> and <i>O. rufipogon</i> Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution [Yamanaka, 2003 #30675]
Journal Article 1995 White, Joyce C. Modeling the development of early rice agriculture: ethnoecological perspectives from northeast Thailand Asian Perspectives (1995) [White, 1995 #32842]
Book Section in a Series 1989 White, Joyce C. Ethnoecological observations on wild and cultivated rice and yams in northeastern Thailand Foraging and farming: the evolution of plant exploitation [White, 1989 #26352]
Journal Article 2010 Weber, Steve Rice or millets: early farming strategies in prehistoric central Thailand Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Weber, 2010 #29054]
Book Section in a Series 1978 Watabe, Tadayo The development of rice cultivation Thailand: a rice-growing society [Watabe, 1978 #26301]
Journal Article 1985 Watabe, T. Origin and dispersal of rice in Asia East Asian Cultural Studies [Watabe, 1985 #28715]
Journal Article 2010 Wang, Wei-Ming Exploration of early rice farming in China Quaternary International [Wang, 2010 #29010]
Journal Article 1975 Vishnu, M. ittre. Supposed remains of rice (Oryza sp.) in the terracotta cakes and pai at Kalibangan, Rajasthan Paleobotanist [Vishnu, 1975 #35937]
Journal Article 2008 Vaughan, Duncan A. The evolving story of rice evolution Plant Science [Vaughan, 2008 #28618]
Journal Article 2012 van Driem, George The ethnolinguistic identity of the domesticators of Asian rice Comptes Rendus Palevol [van 2012 #28248]
Book Section 2011 van Driem, George Rice and the Austroasiatic and Hmong-Mien homelands Dynamics of human diversity [van 2011 #22985]
Book Section in a Series 2001 Toyama, Shuichi The origins and spread of rice cultivation in China Environmental changes and rise and fall of civilizations [Toyama, 2001 #26032]
Book Section 2002 Toyama, Shuichi The origin and spread of rice cultivation as seen from rice remains The origins of pottery and agriculture [Toyama, 2002 #24431]
Journal Article 1959 Ting, Ying Notes on the Neolithic rice husks unearthed in Hupei K'ao-Ku Hsueh-pao [Acta Archaeologia Sinica] [Ting, 1959 #35935]
Book Section 1997 Thompson, Gillian B. Archaeobotanical indicators of rice domestication - a critical evaluation of criteria Southeast Asian Archaeology 1992: Proceedings of the 4th Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Thompson, 1997 #24844]
Book Section 2010 Tang, Shengxiang Domestication of rice in China and its cultural heritage Rice: origin, antiquity and history [Tang, 2010 #23229]
Journal Article 2007 Sweeney, Megan The complex history of the domestication of rice Annals of Botany [Sweeney, 2007 #28619]
Journal Article 2017 Stevens, Chris J. The spread of agriculture in eastern Asia Language Dynamics and Change [Stevens, 2017 #26902]
Book Section in a Series 1986 Sørensen, Per On the problem of early rice in Southeast Asia Rice societies: Asian problems and prospects [Sørensen, 1986 #26330]
Journal Article 1986 Snow, Bryan E. Evidence of early rice cultivation in the Philippines Philippine Quarterly of Culture and Society [Snow, 1986 #34856]
Book Section 1974 Shastry, S. V. S. Rice Evolutionary studies in world crops [Shastry, 1974 #25094]
Book Section 2010 Sharma, S. D. Domestication and diaspora of rice Rice: origin, antiquity and history [Sharma, 2010 #23232]
Book (Edited) 2010 Sharma, S. D. Rice: origin, antiquity and history [Sharma, 2010 #21420]