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Book Section 2003 Nguyen Kim Dung, Prehistoric techniques in the Ha Long culture on Cat Ba Island: J. G. Andersson's discoveries and recent research Fishbones and glittering emblems: Southeast Asian archaeology 2002 [Nguyen 2003 #24347]
Book Section 1932 Colani, Madeleine Le protonéolithe Premier congrès des préhistoriens d'Extrême-Orient, Hanoi (1932) [Colani, 1932 #24375]
Book Section 1979 Carbonnel, Jean-Pierre Recent data on the Cambodian Neolithic: the problem of cultural continuity in southern Indochina Early South East Asia: essays in archaeology, history, and historical geography [Carbonnel, 1979 #25092]
Book Section 1937 Saurin, Edmond Mésolithique et Néolithique dans le Haut Laos Congrès Préhistorique de France. Compte Rendu de la Douziéme Session, Toulouse-Foix, 1936 [Saurin, 1937 #25178]
Book Section in a Series 1932 Colani, Madeleine Différents aspects du néolithique Indochinois Premier congrès des préhistoriens d'Extrême-Orient, Hanoi (1932) [Colani, 1932 #26008]
Conference Proceeding 1935 Saurin, Edmond Station néolithique à Na Mou, Province de Luang Prabang (Haut-Laos) (Indochine Française) Congrès préhistorique de France, 11th session, Perigueux 1934, Compte Rendu [Saurin, 1935 #26571]
Journal Article 1997 Nguyen Trung Chien, Mot so van de thoi dai da moi va so ky kim khi mien Trung Viêt Nam [ Some problems of Neolithic and Early Metal Age in Central Part of Vietnam] Khao Co Hoc [Nguyen 1997 #30812]
Journal Article 1993 Pham Thi Ninh, Nhom di tich khao co hoc tien su o mien nui quang binh [ Prehistoric sites group in the mountainous area of Quang Binh province] Khao Co Hoc [Pham 1993 #30959]
Journal Article 1974 Truong Hoang Chau, Phai chang di tich Mieng Ho ( Bac Thai ) thuoc thoi dai da gioa? [ Mieng Ho (Bac Thai) - a mesolithic site?] Khao Co Hoc [Truong 1974 #31126]
Journal Article 1920 Evans, Ivor H. N. Preliminary report on the exploration of a rock-shelter in the Batu Kurau parish, Perak Journal of the Federated Malay States Museums [Evans, 1920 #31341]
Journal Article 1926 Evans, Ivor H. N. An ethnological expedition to south Siam Journal of the Federated Malay States Museums [Evans, 1926 #31350]
Journal Article 1928 Evans, Ivor H. N. Further notes on stone implements associated with pottery Journal of the Federated Malay States Museums [Evans, 1928 #31353]
Journal Article 1929 Evans, Ivor H. N. Further notes on a find of stone implements with pottery Journal of the Federated Malay States Museums [Evans, 1929 #31355]
Journal Article 1931 Evans, Ivor H. N. A note on beaked stone adzes Journal of the Federated Malay States Museums [Evans, 1931 #31369]
Journal Article 1938 Evans, Ivor H. N. “Melanesoid” culture in Malaya Bulletin of the Raffles Museum, Series B [Evans, 1938 #31371]
Journal Article 1904 Swan, Robert M. W. Note on stone implements from Pahang Man [Swan, 1904 #31386]
Journal Article 1939 Evans, Ivor H. N. Notes on two types of stone implements from the Malay Peninsula Man [Evans, 1939 #31655]
Journal Article 1928 Evans, Ivor H. N. Stone celts from northern Burma Man [Evans, 1928 #31657]
Journal Article 2002 Bourke, Trish Shell mounds and stone axes: prehistoric resource procurement strategies at Hope Inlet, northern Australia Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Bourke, 2002 #31764]
Journal Article 1874 Ball, Valentine On an ancient perforated stone found in Satpura hills Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal [Ball, 1874 #31952]
Journal Article 1956 Lafont, P. -B. Note sur un site néolithique de la province de Plei Ku Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Lafont, 1956 #32158]
Journal Article 1997 Sealy, J. Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope rations and coastal diets in the later stone age of South Africa: a comparison and critical analysis of two data sets Ancient Biomolecules [Sealy, 1997 #32401]
Journal Article 1972 Gorman, Chester F. Excavations at Spirit Cave, north Thailand: some interim interpretations Asian Perspectives (1970) [Gorman, 1972 #32625]
Journal Article 1989 Srisuchat, Amara Comments on the results of carbon-14 dating applied to archaeological finds from excavated sites in Thailand Silpakorn Journal [Srisuchat, 1989 #32701]
Journal Article 1998 Kojo, Yasushi Prehistoric sites in Rattanakiri province, highland Cambodia Anthropological Science [Kojo, 1998 #32702]
Journal Article 2002 Aung-Thwin, Michael Origins and development of the field of prehistory in Burma Asian Perspectives (2001) [Aung-Thwin, 2002 #32726]
Journal Article 1992 Reynolds, Timothy E. G. Excavations at Banyan Valley cave, northern Thailand: a report on the 1972 season Asian Perspectives (1992) [Reynolds, 1992 #32938]
Journal Article 1993 Reynolds, Timothy E. G. Problems in the Stone Age of South-East Asia Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society [Reynolds, 1993 #33789]
Journal Article 1977 Batchelor, Brian Post 'Hoabinhian' coastal settlement indicated by finds in Stanniferous Langat River alluvium near Dengkil, Selangor, Peninsular Malaysia Federation Museums Journal [Batchelor, 1977 #33988]
Journal Article 1958 Chin, You-din The stone age in Thailand Journal of the Palaeontological Society of India [Chin, 1958 #34021]