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Journal Article 2022 Willkomm, Natascha Late Holocene volcanic and human impacts on the mountain vegetation in central Sumatra, Indonesia Quaternary International [Willkomm, 2022 #37073]
Journal Article 2014 Penny, Dan The environmental impact of Cambodia's ancient Mahendraparvata (Phnom Kulen) PLoS One [Penny, 2014 #36838]
Journal Article 2020 O'Donnell, Shawn Holocene development and human use of mangroves and limestone forest at an ancient  hong  lagoon in the Tràng An karst, Ninh Binh, Vietnam Quaternary Science Reviews [O'Donnell, 2020 #36773]
Journal Article 2020 Xiao, Xiayun Vegetation, climate and human impact since 20 ka in central Yunnan Province based on high-resolution pollen and charcoal records from Dianchi, southwestern China Quaternary Science Reviews [Xiao, 2020 #36653]
Journal Article 2020 Wang, Qian
Interactions between climate change and early agriculture in SW China and their effect on lake ecosystem functioning at centennial timescales over the last 2000 years Quaternary Science Reviews [Wang, 2020 #19615]
Journal Article 2018 Biggs, David Clearing, "wasting," and regreening: an environmental history of bare hills in Central Vietnam Journal of Asian Studies [Biggs, 2018 #26679]
Book Section in a Series 2018 Stevenson, Janelle Vegetation and climate of the Last Glacial Maximum in Sulawesi The Archaeology of Sulawesi [Stevenson, 2018 #25328]
Journal Article 2018 Acabado, Stephen Zones of refuge: Resisting conquest in the northern Philippine highlands through environmental practice Journal of Anthropological Archaeology [Acabado, 2018 #26726]
Journal Article 2013 Evans, Damian H. Uncovering archaeological landscapes at Angkor using lidar PNAS [Evans, 2013 #27974]
Book Section 2008 Lustig, Terry Did traditional cultures live in harmony with nature? Lessons from Angkor, Cambodia Modern myths of the Mekong: a critical review of water and development concepts, principles and policies [Lustig, 2008 #22629]
Journal Article 2004 Anshari, Gusti Environmental change and peatland forest dynamics in the Lake Sentarum area, West Kalimantan, Indonesia Journal of Quaternary Science [Anshari, 2004 #28536]
Book Section 2010 Khush, Gurdev S. A century of rice breeding, its impact and challenges ahead Rice: origin, antiquity and history [Khush, 2010 #23217]
Book Section 2003 O'Connor, Richard A. From "fertility" to "order", paternalism to profits: the Thai city's impact on the culture-environment interface Founders' cults in Southeast Asia: ancestors, polity, and identity [O'Connor, 2003 #23234]
Journal Article 1988 Sondaar, P. Y. Colonization of islands by early man and its effect on the environment Modern Geology [Sondaar, 1988 #28752]
Book Section 2001 O’Connor, Sue From savannah to rainforest: changing environments and human occupation at Liang Lembudu, Aru Islands, Maluku (Indonesia) Bridging Wallace's Line: the environmental and cultural history and dynamics of the SE-Asian-Australian region [O’Connor, 2001 #23596]
BAR Section 1985 Spriggs, Matthew Prehistoric man-induced landscape enhancement in the Pacific: examples and implications Prehistoric intensive agriculture in the tropics [Spriggs, 1985 #19665]
Journal Article 2001 Spriggs, Matthew Professorial inaugural address: future eaters in Australia, future eaters in the Pacific? Early human environmental impacts Australian Archaeology [Spriggs, 2001 #29297]
BAR Book 2008 King, Christopher A. Stable isotopic analysis of carbon and nitrogen as an indicator of paleodietary change among pre-state metal age societies in northeast Thailand [King, 2008 #19630]
Book Section 1997 Kealhofer, Lisa Evidence for cultural impact on the environment during the Holocene: two phytolith sequences from the Lopburi region, Central Thailand 4th international conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Arcahaeologists [Kealhofer, 1997 #23701]
Book in a Series (Edited) 2005 Gupta, Avijit The physical geography of Southeast Asia [Gupta, 2005 #22055]
Journal Article 2007 Gupta, Avijit The Mekong from satellite imagery: a quick look at a large river Geomorphology [Gupta, 2007 #29745]
Journal Article 1991 Deraniyagala, S. U. Man and environment during the Pleistocene in Sri Lanka Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Deraniyagala, 1991 #29796]
Journal Article 1965 Batistini, R. L'importance de l'homme dans les transformations protohistoriques du milieu naturel à Madagascar Taloha [Batistini, 1965 #29969]
Book Section 1999 Hope, Geoff Holocene vegetation histories in the Western Pacific: alternative records of human impact Le Pacifique de 5000 à 2000 avant le présent [Hope, 1999 #23989]
Book Section 1999 Clark, Jeffrey T. Environmental change and human prehistory on Totoya island, Fiji Le Pacifique de 5000 à 2000 avant le présent [Clark, 1999 #24001]
Book Section 1999 Williams, Corrie Faunal composition of Pamwak site, Manus Island, PNG Le Pacifique de 5000 à 2000 avant le présent [Williams, 1999 #24000]
Book Section 1999 Stevenson, Janelle Human impact from the paleoenvironmental record on New Caledonia Le Pacifique de 5000 à 2000 avant le présent [Stevenson, 1999 #23999]
Book 1989 Siam Society Culture and environment in Thailand : a symposium of the Siam Society [Siam 1989 #20821]
Book in a Series 1968 Pelzer, Karl Josef Man's role in changing the landscape of Southeast Asia [Pelzer, 1968 #21799]
Journal Article 2005 Penny, Dan Microfossil evidence of land-use intensification in north Thailand Journal of Archaeological Science [Penny, 2005 #30580]