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Journal Article 2016 Fuller, Dorian Q. Pathways of rice diversification across Asia Archaeology International [Fuller, 2016 #27553]
Journal Article 1995 Reid, Anthony Humans and forests in pre-colonial Southeast Asia Environment and History [Reid, 1995 #28891]
Book Section 1993 Spriggs, Matthew The current relevance of ethnohistorical and archaeological systems Traditional ecological knowledge: wisdom for sustainable development [Spriggs, 1993 #23618]
Thesis-PhD 1977 Dewar, R. E. Archaeology as ecological anthropology in central Taiwan [Dewar, 1977 #36501]
Journal Article 2007 Bauer, Andrew M. Toward a political ecology in early South India: preliminary considerations of the sociopolitics of land and animal use in the southern Deccan, Neolithic through Early Historic periods Asian Perspectives (2007) [Bauer, 2007 #29999]
Thesis-PhD 1975 Kirch, Patrick Vinton Cultural adaptation and ecology in western Polynesia: an ethnoarchaeological study [Kirch, 1975 #36527]
Journal Article 1999 Somnasang, Prapimporn Indigenous knowledge of wild food hunting and gathering in north-east Thailand Food and Nutrition Bulletin [Somnasang, 1999 #30678]
Journal Article 1998 Kunarattanapuk, Kiatirat Yearly household record of food from the forest for home consumption by rural villagers in north-east Thailand Food and Nutrition Bulletin [Kunarattanapuk, 1998 #30677]
Journal Article 1982 Ngo Duc Thinh, Qua bau trong van hoa truyen thong Viêt Nam va Dong Nam A [ The calabash in the traditional culture of Viêt Nam and Southeast Asia ] Khao Co Hoc [Ngo 1982 #31300]
Journal Article 1979 Rambo, Terry A. Human ecology of the Orang Asli: a review of research on the environment relations of the Aborigines of Peninsular Malaysia Federation Museums Journal [Rambo, 1979 #31556]
Journal Article 1980 Rambo, Terry A. Of stones and stars: Malaysian Orang Asli environmental knowledge in relation to their adaptation to the tropical rain forest Federation Museums Journal [Rambo, 1980 #31552]
Journal Article 1993 Burgers, P. P. M. Rainforest and rural economy Sarawak Museum Journal [Burgers, 1993 #31414]
Journal Article 1980 Dang Nghiem Van, Cac hinh thuc trong lua: tr lieu dan toc hoc [ Various forms of rice - cultivation: ethnographical data] Khao Co Hoc [Dang 1980 #31613]
Journal Article 2002 Cauchois, Mickaelle-Hinanui Dryland horticulture in Maupiti: an ethnoarchaeological study Asian Perspectives (2002) [Cauchois, 2002 #31897]
Journal Article 2003 Lepofsky, Dana Modeling ancient plant use on the northwest coast: towards an understanding of mobility and sedentism Journal of Archaeological Science [Lepofsky, 2003 #31822]
Journal Article 2000 Kress, Jonathan H. The malacoarchaeology of Palawan Island Journal of East Asian Archaeology [Kress, 2000 #31813]
Journal Article 1967 Lewitz, Saveros La toponymie khmère Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Lewitz, 1967 #32127]
Thesis-PhD 1996 Somnasang, Prapimporn Rathakette Indigenous food use: gender issues in rural northeast Thailand [Somnasang, 1996 #36560]
Journal Article 1995 White, Joyce C. Modeling the development of early rice agriculture: ethnoecological perspectives from northeast Thailand Asian Perspectives (1995) [White, 1995 #32842]
Journal Article 1995 Wester, Lyndon Biological diversity and community lore in northeastern Thailand Journal of Ethnobiology [Wester, 1995 #33648]
Journal Article 2000 Somnasang, Prapimporn Knowing, gathering and eating: knowledge and attitudes about wild food in an Isan village in northeastern Thailand Journal of Ethnobiology [Somnasang, 2000 #33647]
Journal Article 2002 Sosis, Richard Patch choice decisions among Ifaluk fishers American Anthropologist [Sosis, 2002 #33743]
Journal Article 1998 Utsunomiya, Naoki Diospyros species in Thailand: their distribution, fruit morphology and uses Economic Botany [Utsunomiya, 1998 #33838]
Conference Paper 1963 Samapuddhi, K. Some food plants in the forests of Thailand Proceedings of the Ninth Pacific Science Congress of the Pacific Science Association, held at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, November 18th to December 9th, 1957 [Samapuddhi, 1963 #26480]
Book in a Series 1986 Brunot, M. Identification and dynamics of the agricultural environments in the Northeast Thailand (Udon Thani - Sakon Nakhon) [Brunot, 1986 #21896]
Journal Article 1965 Barrau, Jacques Witness of the past: notes on some food plants of Oceania Ethnology [Barrau, 1965 #33895]
Journal Article 1961 Rajadhon, Phya Anuman Some Siamese superstitions about trees and plants Journal of the Siam Society [Rajadhon, 1961 #34124]
Journal Article 1992 Toledo, Victor What is ethnoecology Ethnoecologia [Toledo, 1992 #34467]
Book 1962 Pendleton, R. L. Thailand, aspects of landscape and life [Pendleton, 1962 #21131]
Book 1980 Conklin, Harold C. Ethnographic atlas of Ifugao: a study of environment, culture, and society in northern Luzon [Conklin, 1980 #21148]