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Journal Article 1930 Burkitt, M. C. Climatic changes in Southeast Asia during the early Palaeolithic times Geological Magazine [Burkitt, 1930 #31940]
Book 1971 Pliny the Elder, Natural history [Pliny 1971 #20610]
Journal Article 1973 Chu, K'o-cheng A preliminary study on the climactic fluctuations during the last 5000 years in China Scientia Sinica [Chu, 1973 #29868]
Journal Article 1974 Allchin, Bridget Pushkar, prehistory and climatic change in western India World Archaeology [Allchin, 1974 #30012]
Journal Article 1981 Flenley, J.R. Stratigraphic evidence of environmental change on Easter Island Asian Perspectives (1979) [Flenley, 1981 #33109]
Book Section 1983 Hastings, P. Chronology of the late quaternary climatic changes in Thailand Proceedings of the First Symposium on Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology of Thailand, 28-29 October 1983 [Hastings, 1983 #23184]
Book in a Series 1991 Pirazzoli, Paolo A. World atlas of Holocene sea-level changes [Pirazzoli, 1991 #21696]
Journal Article 1992 Moore, A. M. T. The Pleistocene to Holocene transition and human economy in Southwest Asia: the impact of the Younger Dryas American Antiquity [Moore, 1992 #28585]
Journal Article 1992 Maloney, Bernard K. Late Holocene climatic change in Southeast Asia: the palynological evidence and its implications for archaeology World Archaeology [Maloney, 1992 #33863]
Journal Article 1993 Zhaodong Feng, Temporal and spatial variations in climate in China during the last 10,000 years Holocene [Zhaodong 1993 #29747]
Journal Article 1993 Maloney, Bernard K. Climatic change and early forest clearance in highland north Sumatra Indian Ocean Review [Maloney, 1993 #31243]
Journal Article 1995 van der Kaars, W. A. A 135,000-year record of vegetational and climatic change from the Bandung area, West-Java, Indonesia Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology [van 1995 #27685]
Journal Article 1995 Maloney, Bernard Kevin Evidence for the Younger Dryas climatic event in Southeast Asia Quaternary Science Reviews [Maloney, 1995 #28587]
Journal Article 1995 Allchin, Bridget The Potwar Project 1981-93: a concluding remark on the British Archaeological Mission to Pakistan's investigations into hominid and early human cultures and environments in the northern Punjab, Pakistan Journal for South Asian Studies [Allchin, 1995 #30013]
Journal Article 1995 Maloney, Bernard K. A 30,000-year pollen and radiocarbon record from highland Sumatra as evidence for climatic change Radiocarbon [Maloney, 1995 #31239]
Journal Article 1995 Maloney, Bernard K. Dry periods and forest fires in Indonesia Indonesian Environmental Newsletter [Maloney, 1995 #31242]
Book in a Series 1996 Parnwell, Mike Environmental change in South-East Asia [Parnwell, 1996 #21703]
Journal Article 1997 Rajaguru, S. N. Late Quaternary climatic changes in India: a geoarchaeological approach Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Rajaguru, 1997 #29111]
Journal Article 1997 van der Kaars, S. Vegetation and climate change in West-Java, Indonesia during the last 135,000 years Quaternary International [van 1997 #31360]
Journal Article 1997 Verstappen, Herman Th. The effect of climatic change on Southeast Asian geomorphology Journal of Quaternary Science [Verstappen, 1997 #31928]
Journal Article 1997 Chi-Yue Huang, Surface ocean and monsoon climate variability in the South China Sea since the last glaciation Marine Micropaleontology [Chi-Yue 1997 #33650]
Journal Article 1997 Ha Van Tan, The Hoabinhian and before Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Ha 1997 #35545]
Book Section 1999 Clark, Jeffrey T. Environmental change and human prehistory on Totoya island, Fiji Le Pacifique de 5000 à 2000 avant le présent [Clark, 1999 #24001]
Journal Article 1999 Wang, L. East Asian monsoon climate during the Late Pleistocene: high-resolution sediment records from the South China Sea Marine Geology [Wang, 1999 #28874]
Book (Edited) 2000 Yasuda, Yoshinori Monsoon: environmental change in Eurasia. The 1st ALDP/ELDP joint meeting Monsoon [Yasuda, 2000 #21591]
Journal Article 2000 van der Kaars, Sander A late Quaternary palaeoecological record from the Banda Sea, Indonesia: patterns of vegetation, climate and biomass burning in Indonesia and northern Australia Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology [van 2000 #31333]
Journal Article 2000 Zhang, H. C. A Holocene climatic record from arid northwestern China Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology [Zhang, 2000 #34308]
Book Section 2001 Mingram, J. A 78,000 year record of climatic changes from the south China coast - the Huguang Maar Lake (Huguangyan) Monsoon and civilization: the 2nd international workshop of the ALDP (Asian Lake Drilling Programme) [Mingram, 2001 #24568]
Book Section 2001 Sui, Shuzhen A long paleoclimatic record in subtropical zone of south China Monsoon and civilization: the 2nd international workshop of the ALDP (Asian Lake Drilling Programme) [Sui, 2001 #24571]
Book Section 2001 Van Geel, Bas Solar forcing of climate change and a monsoon-related cultural shift in western India around 800 cal BC Monsoon and civilization: the 2nd international workshop of the ALDP (Asian Lake Drilling Programme) [Van 2001 #24572]