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Ref ID: 29111
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Rajaguru, S. N.
Mishra, S.
Title: Late Quaternary climatic changes in India: a geoarchaeological approach
Date: 1997
Source: Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association
Notes: Proceedings of the 15th Congress of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 5 to 12 January 1994.
Abstract: One of the dominant environmental parameters that affects India's political, cultural and economic development is monsoonal rainfall. Any variation in monsoonal rainfall has an impact on human cultures in India and the possibility of climatic change in the future due to global warming is of serious concern. Historical disciplines like history, archaeology, geology and palaeobotany can provide data for understanding the long term record of past climatic change, which is needed for building predictive models of how climate might change in the future. We can also study the impact of climatic change on human cultures of the past. In the last two decades considerable effort has been made to study palaeoenvironmental changes in parts of the peninsular and coastal regions of India. In this paper we summarise some of the important geoarchaeological and geomorphological research of the last decade related to the Late Quarternary period.
Date Created: 2/18/2010
Volume: 16
Page Start: 27
Page End: 32