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Book Section 2024 Louys, Julien Geochronology and palaeoenvironments of Sibrambang and Djambu caves,
western Sumatra
Quaternary Palaeontology and Archaeology of Sumatra [Louys, 2024 #37329]
Journal Article 2022 McAllister, Meghan S. Investigating the palaeoenvironmental context of Late Pleistocene human dispersals into Southeast Asia: a review of stable isotope applications Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [McAllister, 2022 #37074]
Journal Article 2021 Hall, Tegan An integrated palaeoenvironmental record of Early Modern occupancy and land use within Angkor Thom, Angkor Quaternary Science Reviews [Hall, 2021 #36905]
Journal Article 2020 Huang, Shengmin Late Pleistocene paleoenvironment of southern China: clay mineralogical and geochemical analyses from Luna Cave, Guangxi, China Quaternary International [Huang, 2020 #36860]
Journal Article 2020 Cheng, Liuling Environmental fluctuation impacted the evolution of Early Pleistocene non-human primates: biomarker and geochemical evidence from Mohui Cave (Bubing, Guangxi, southern China) Quaternary International [Cheng, 2020 #36859]
Journal Article 2020 Ma, Ting Holocene coastal evolution preceded the expansion of paddy field rice farming PNAS [Ma, 2020 #36842]
Journal Article 2018 Castillo, Cristina C. Social responses to climate change in Iron Age north-east Thailand: new archaeobotanical evidence Antiquity [Castillo, 2018 #36829]
Journal Article 2020 Griffiths, Michael L. End of Green Sahara amplified mid- to late Holocene megadroughts in mainland Southeast Asia Nature Communications [Griffiths, 2020 #36809]
Journal Article 2020 O'Donnell, Shawn Holocene development and human use of mangroves and limestone forest at an ancient  hong  lagoon in the Tràng An karst, Ninh Binh, Vietnam Quaternary Science Reviews [O'Donnell, 2020 #36773]
Book Section in a Series 2020 Nor Khairunnisa, Talib Middle Pleistocene sites in Bukit Bunuh, Lenggong, Perak, Malaysia EurASEAA14: papers from the Fourteenth International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists. Volume 2: material culture and heritage [Nor 2020 #36755]
Journal Article 2020 Suraprasit, Kantapon Long-term isotope evidence on the diet and habitat breadth of Pleistocene to Holocene caprines in Thailand: implications for the extirpation and conservation of Himalayan gorals Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution [Suraprasit, 2020 #19617]
Journal Article 2020 Hall, Tegan Tracing the networks of past societies in palaeoenvironmental research Journal of Economic and Social Geography [Hall, 2020 #19054]
Journal Article 2020 Shoocongdej, Rasmi Faunal assemblages and demography during the late Pleistocene (MIS 2-1) to early Holocene in highland Pang Mapha, northwest Thailand Quaternary International [Shoocongdej, 2020 #19048]
Journal Article 2019 Tripathi, Swati Floristic and climatic reconstruction in the Indo-Burma region for the last 13,000 cal. yr: a palynological interpretation from the endangered wetlands of Assam, northeast India The Holocene [Tripathi, 2019 #19007]
Journal Article 2019 Wang, Jessica K. Hydroclimatic variability in Southeast Asia over the past two millennia Earth and Planetary Science Letters [Wang, 2019 #18939]
Journal Article 2019 Sun, Weiwei Holocene based on stable isotope evidence from Lake Chenghai, southwest China Quaternary Science Reviews [Sun, 2019 #18937]
Journal Article 2019 Ruan, Yanming Differential hydro-climatic evolution of East Javanese ecosystems over the past 22,000 years Quaternary Science Reviews [Ruan, 2019 #18918]
Journal Article 2019 McAdams, Conor The Pleistocene geoarchaeology and geochronology of Con Moong Cave, North Vietnam: site formation processes and hominin activity in the humid tropics Geoarchaeology [McAdams, 2019 #18917]
Journal Article 2019 Yang, Feng-Chun The evolution of Mun River in Southeast Asia, and its relationship with the environmental changes in the late Middle Pleistocene, based on sedimentologic and palynological evidences Quaternary International [Yang, 2019 #18909]
Book Section in a Series 2014 Liendo, Rodrigo Population Dynamics and Its Relation to Ancient Landscapes in the Northwestern Maya Lowlands: Evaluating Resilience and Vulnerability The Resilience and Vulnerability of Ancient Landscapes: Transforming Maya Archaeology through IHOPE [Liendo, 2014 #25200]
Journal Article 2009 Clark, Peter U. The last glacial maximum Science [Clark, 2009 #26610]
Journal Article 2007 Barbour, Margaret M. Stable oxygen isotope composition of plant tissue: a review Functional Plant Biology [Barbour, 2007 #26617]
Journal Article 2018 Sutikna, Thomas The spatio-temporal distribution of archaeological and faunal finds at Liang Bua (Flores, Indonesia) in light of the revised chronology for <i>Homo floresiensis</i> Journal of Human Evolution [Sutikna, 2018 #26634]
Journal Article 2017 Vannieuwenhuyse, Dorcas Settling in Sahul: Investigating environmental and human history interactions through micromorphological analyses in tropical semi-arid north-west Australia Journal of Archaeological Science [Vannieuwenhuyse, 2017 #26630]
Journal Article 2013 Balme, Jane Of boats and string: the maritime colonisation of Australia Quaternary International [Balme, 2013 #26628]
Journal Article 2017 Hawkins, Stuart Oldest human occupation of Wallacea at Laili Cave, Timor-Leste, shows broad-spectrum foraging responses to late Pleistocene environments Quaternary Science Reviews [Hawkins, 2017 #26626]
Journal Article 2016 Janssen, Renée, Joordens, Josephine C. A. Tooth enamel stable isotopes of Holocene and Pleistocene fossil fauna reveal glacial and interglacial paleoenvironments of hominins in Indonesia Quaternary Science Reviews [Janssen, 2016 #26652]
Journal Article 2009 Westaway, K. E. The evolving landscape and climate of western Flores: an environmental context for the archaeological site of Liang Bua Journal of Human Evolution [Westaway, 2009 #26646]
Journal Article 2019 Hall, Tegan The environmental context of a city in decline: the vegetation history of a Khmer peripheral settlement during the Angkor period Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Hall, 2019 #26680]
Journal Article 2019 Roberts, Patrick Plastic pioneers: hominin biogeography east of the Movius Line during the Pleistocene Archaeological Research in Asia [Roberts, 2019 #26690]