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Journal Article 2017 Jutimoosik, Jaru Synchrotron XANES and ED-XRF analyses of fine-paste ware from 13th to 14th century maritime Southeast Asia X-ray Spectrometry [Jutimoosik, 2017 #26877]
Thesis 1984 McKinnon, E. Edwards Kota Cina: Its Context and Meaning in the Trade of Southeast Asia in the Twelfth to Fourteenth Centuries [McKinnon, 1984 #36271]
Book Section 2011 McKinnon, E. Edwards Continuity and change in South Indian involvement in northern Sumatra: the inferences of archaeological evidence from Kota Cina and Lamreh Early interactions between South and Southeast Asia: reflections on cross-cultural exchange [McKinnon, 2011 #23021]
BAR Section 1990 Swan, Rachel Gold work from Kota Cina: a technical study Southeast Asian Archaeology 1986: Proceedings of the 1st Conference of the Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe [Swan, 1990 #19705]