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Journal Article 2021 Yamada, Eisuke Analyzing historic human-suid relationships through dental microwear texture and geometric morphometric analyses of archaeological suid teeth in the Ryukyu Islands Journal of Archaeological Science [Yamada, 2021 #37116]
Journal Article 2020 Leipe, Christian The spread of rice to Japan: insights from Bayesian analysis of direct radiocarbon dates and population dynamics in East Asia Quaternary Science Reviews [Leipe, 2020 #36811]
Thesis-PhD 1997 Takamiya, Hiroto Subsistence adaptation processes in the prehistory of Okinawa [Takamiya, 1997 #36616]
Thesis-PhD D'Andrea, Catherine A. Palaeoethnobotany of Later Jomon and Early Yayoi cultures in northeastern Japan: northeastern Aomori and southwestern Hokkaido [D'Andrea, #36503]
Thesis-PhD 1972 Kotani, Yoshinobu Economic bases during the later Jomon periods in Kyushu, Japan: a reconsideration. [Kotani, 1972 #36491]
Journal Article 1979 Barnes, Gina Lee The Yamato state: steps toward a developmental understanding Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Barnes, 1979 #35765]
Journal Article 1990 Ishida, Hajime Cranial thickness of modern and Neolithic populations in Japan Human Biology [Ishida, 1990 #35401]
Journal Article 1995 Matsumura, H. Dental characteristics affinities of the prehistoric to modern Japanese with the East Asians, American Natives and Australo-Melanesians Anthropological Science [Matsumura, 1995 #35396]
Journal Article 1979 Turner, Christy G., II Dental anthropological indications of agriculture among the Jomon people of central Japan American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Turner, 1979 #35357]
Journal Article 1983 Yamaguchi, Bin Postcranial bones of the human skeletal remains of the Jomon Period from the Ebishima (Kaitori) shell mound in Hanaizumi, Iwate Prefecture Memoirs of the National Science Museum (Tokyo) [Yamaguchi, 1983 #35352]
Journal Article 1980 Ikawa-Smith, Fumiko Current issues in Japanese archaeology American Scientist [Ikawa-Smith, 1980 #35238]
Journal Article 1976 Turner, Christy G., II Dental evidence on the origins of the Ainu and Japanese Science [Turner, 1976 #35219]
Journal Article 1977 Turner, Christy G., II Additional features of Ainu dentition American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Turner, 1977 #35218]
Journal Article 1988 Chisholm, Brian S. Study of paleodiet using stable-carbon isotopic analysis Archaeology and Natural Science [Chisholm, 1988 #34759]
Journal Article 1988 Chisholm, Brian S. Tanso Antei Douitai Hihou ni yoru Kodai Shokusei no Kenkyu (Research on paleodiet by means of stable carbon isotope ratios) Kokogaku to Shizenkagaku [Chisholm, 1988 #34758]
Journal Article 1989 Hisanaga, A. Variation of trace metals in ancient and contemporary Japanese bones Biological Trace Element Research [Hisanaga, 1989 #34663]
Journal Article 1988 Kosugi, H. Elevated lead concentrations in Japanese ribs of the Edo era (300-120 BP) Science of Total Environment [Kosugi, 1988 #34626]
Journal Article 1994 Matsumura, Hirofumi A microevolutionary history of the Japanese people from a dental characteristics perspective Anthropological Science [Matsumura, 1994 #34593]
Journal Article 1990 Minagawa, Masao \iJinrui no shokuseitai\i (subsistence ecology of human kind) Kagaku [Minagawa, 1990 #34586]
Journal Article 1988 Minagawa, Masao Jomonjin no Shokuryo sesshu (food consumption of the Jomon population) Iden [Minagawa, 1988 #34585]
Journal Article 1981 Tanaka, Gi-Ichiro Reference to Japanese man- II. Distribution of strontium in the skeleton and in the mass of mineralized bone Health Physics [Tanaka, 1981 #34479]
Journal Article 1987 Wang, Linghong Racial relationship between Chinese and Japanese: a statistical study of cranial measurements 人类学学报 (Act Anthropologica Sinica) [Wang, 1987 #34443]
Journal Article 2001 Bleed, Peter A nice place to live and work: community structure at Yagi Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Bleed, 2001 #34047]
Journal Article 1988 Roksandic, Zarko Comparative analysis of dietary habits between Jomon and Ainu hunter-gatherers from stable carbon isotopes of human bone Journal of the Anthropological Society of Nippon (人類學雜誌) [Roksandic, 1988 #33726]
Journal Article 1960 Kidder, J. Edward, Jr. Japan Asian Perspectives (1959) [Kidder, 1960 #33630]
Journal Article 1960 Smith, Allan H. Ryukyu Islands Asian Perspectives (1959) [Smith, 1960 #33625]
Journal Article 1961 Kidder, J. Edward, Jr. Japan Asian Perspectives (1960) [Kidder, 1961 #33606]
Journal Article 1961 Smith, Allan H. Ryūkyū Islands Asian Perspectives (1960) [Smith, 1961 #33597]
Journal Article 1962 Befu, Harumi Introduction to the archaeology of Japan - a research guide Asian Perspectives (1961) [Befu, 1962 #33567]
Journal Article 1962 Yawata, Ichiro Japan Asian Perspectives (1961) [Yawata, 1962 #33562]