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Ref ID: 34443
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Wang, Linghong
Title: Racial relationship between Chinese and Japanese: a statistical study of cranial measurements
Date: 1987
Source: 人类学学报 (Act Anthropologica Sinica)
Abstract: 38 groups from China, Japan, SEA, and Oceania of modern and prehistoric In all groups the following 13 variables are in common: cranial lenght, breadth, basi-bregamatic height, cranial base lenght, minimum frontal breadth, bizygomatic breadth, facial length, upper facial height, nasal height, nasal breadth, orbital height, breadth, and total facial prognathism. cluster analysis of Penrose's distance, factor analysis and discriminant function was performed.
Date Created: 7/5/2001
Volume: 6
Number: 1
Page Start: 10
Page End: 18