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Book 1992 Conway, Susan Thai textiles [Conway, 1992 #19903]
Book 1992 Rakow, Meg Women in Lao morality tales Southeast Asian Paper [Rakow, 1992 #19894]
Book 1992 Davis, Richard H, Ritual in an oscillating universe: worshipping Śiva in medieval India [Davis, 1992 #19944]
Book (Edited) 1992 Lewis, Judy Minority cultures of Laos: Kammu, Lua', Lahu, Hmong, and Mien [Lewis, 1992 #21379]
Book (Edited) 1992 Hoskin, John Folk tales and legends of the Dai people: the Thai Lue of Yunnan, China [Hoskin, 1992 #21377]
Book 1992 Singer, Noel F. Burmese puppets Images of Asia [Singer, 1992 #19961]
Book 1992 Forest, Alain Le culte des génies protecteurs au Cambodge: analyse et traduction d'un corpus de textes sur les neak ta Recherches asiatiques [Forest, 1992 #19959]
Book 1992 Kemp, Jeremy Hua Kok: social organization in north-central Thailand CSAC Monographs [Kemp, 1992 #19968]
Book 1992 Zhu Liangwen, The Dai, or the Tai and their architecture and customs in south China [Zhu 1992 #19967]
Book 1992 Smith, Nigel J. H. Tropical forests and their crops [Smith, 1992 #19971]
Book (Edited) 1992 Kuwayama, George New perspectives on the art of ceramics in China [Kuwayama, 1992 #21393]
Book (Edited) 1992 Neff, Hector Chemical characterization of ceramic pastes in archaeology Monographs in world archaeology [Neff, 1992 #21389]
Book (Edited) 1992 Stein, Julie K. Deciphering a shell midden [Stein, 1992 #21394]
Book Section in a Series 1992 Hall, Kenneth R. Economic history of early Southeast Asia Cambridge history of Southeast Asia, volume 1: from early times to c. 1800 [Hall, 1992 #25385]
Book Section 1992 Veraprasert, Mayuree Khlong Thom: an ancient bead-manufacturing location and an ancient entrepôt Early metallurgy, trade and urban centres in Thailand and Southeast Asia [Veraprasert, 1992 #22651]
Book 1992 Francis, Peter Heirlooms of the hills: Southeast Asia [Francis, 1992 #20013]
Book Section 1992 Marano, Pasquale Xeroradiografia e radiografia digitale a luminescenza: risultati preliminari di indagini su due campioni di ceramica pre-protostorica orientale 3rd International Conference on Non-Destructive Testing, Microanalytical Methods and Environment Evaluation for Study and Conservation of Works of Art [Marano, 1992 #22832]
Journal Article 1992 Nitta, E. Ancient industries, ecosystem, and environment: special reference to northeast Thailand Kagoshima University Historical Science Reports [Nitta, 1992 #28329]
Book Section 1992 Ciarla, Roberto Verso una definizione dei processi di formazione di depositi archeologici in ambiente monsonico: alcune osservazioni preliminari Processi formativi della stratificazione archeologica (Formation processes and excavation methods in archaeology: perspectives) [Ciarla, 1992 #22868]
Report 1992 EGAT (Electric Generating Authority of Thailand) Archaeology of Pak Mun Dam [EGAT 1992 #36178]
Report 1992 Cremaschi, M. Le strutture del sito di Tha Kae [Cremaschi, 1992 #36179]
Journal Article 1992 Moore, A. M. T. The Pleistocene to Holocene transition and human economy in Southwest Asia: the impact of the Younger Dryas American Antiquity [Moore, 1992 #28585]
Journal Article 1992 Muecke, Marjorie A. Monks and mediums: religious syncretism in northern Thailand Journal of the Siam Society [Muecke, 1992 #28689]
Journal Article 1992 Thapar, R. Black gold: South Asia and the Roman maritime trade South Asia [Thapar, 1992 #28711]
Journal Article 1992 Thorne, A. G. The multiregional evolution of humans Scientific American [Thorne, 1992 #28735]
Book 1992 Sharma, Y. D. Ramajanma Bhumi, Ayodhya : new archaeological discoveries [Sharma, 1992 #20153]
Book 1992 Ba Shu qing tong qi [ 1992 #20155]
Journal Article 1992 Shi Meiguang Some new glass finds in China Journal of Glass Studies [Shi 1992 #28788]
Book Section 1992 Masson, V. M. The environment History of civilizations of Central Asia [Masson, 1992 #23417]
Book Section 1992 Ranov, V. A. Lower Palaeolithic cultures History of civilizations of Central Asia [Ranov, 1992 #23416]