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Book 1972 Gururaja, Rao Megalithic culture in South India [Gururaja, 1972 #20543]
Thesis-PhD 1972 Glover, I. Excavations in Timor: a study of economic change and cultural continuity in prehistory [Glover, 1972 #36495]
Journal Article 1972 Glover, I. Alfred Bühler’s excavations in Timor: a re-evaluation. Art and Archaeology Research Papers [Glover, 1972 #29664]
Journal Article 1972 Fontaine, H. Nouvelle champ de jarres dans la province de Long Kánh Bulletin de la Société Indochinoise [Fontaine, 1972 #29737]
Journal Article 1972 Fontaine, H. Deuxième note sure la néolithique du basin inférieur du Dong Nai Archives Géologiques du Vietnam [Fontaine, 1972 #29736]
Book in a Series 1972 Renfrew, Colin The emergence of civilisation: the Cyclades and the Aegean in the third millennium B.C. [Renfrew, 1972 #21749]
Book 1972 Filesi, Teobaldi China and Africa in the Middle Ages [Filesi, 1972 #20593]
Book 1972 Fitzgerald, C. P. The southern expansion of the Chinese people [Fitzgerald, 1972 #20590]
Journal Article 1972 Dupree, Louis Prehistoric research in Afghanistan Transactions of the American Philosophical Society [Dupree, 1972 #29771]
Book 1972 Earle, G. W. The eastern seas [Earle, 1972 #20616]
Thesis-PhD 1972 Davison, C. C. Glass beads in African archaeology: results of neutron activation analysis, supplemented by results of X-ray fluorescence analysis [Davison, 1972 #36502]
Book 1972 Dehejia, V. Early Buddhist rock temples [Dehejia, 1972 #20650]
Book 1972 Sahlins, Marshall Stone age economics [Sahlins, 1972 #20666]
Journal Article 1972 Colless, B. E. The ancient Bnam empire: Fu-nan and Po-nan Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia [Colless, 1972 #29851]
Journal Article 1972 Chang, Kwang-chih Prehistoric archaeology of Taiwan Asian Perspectives (1970) [Chang, 1972 #29898]
Book Section 1972 Chakravarti, A. K. Early Sino-Indian maritime trade and Funan Early Indian trade and industry [Chakravarti, 1972 #23899]
Book Section 1972 Chang, Li-chuan The masses support archaeological work in China New archaeological finds in China: discoveries during the cultural revolution [Chang, 1972 #23895]
Book 1972 Buttinger, Joseph A dragon defiant: a short history of Vietnam [Buttinger, 1972 #20719]
Book 1972 Carbonnel, J. P. Le quaternaire cambodgien: structure et stratigraphie [Carbonnel, 1972 #20713]
Journal Article 1972 Bayard, Donn T. Excavations at Non Nok Tha, northeastern Thailand, 1968: an interim report Asian Perspectives (1970) [Bayard, 1972 #29966]
Book 1972 Aung, Thaw Historical sites in Burma [Aung, 1972 #20767]
Book Section 1972 Anderson, Benedict Richard O'Gorman The idea of power in Javanese culture Culture and politics in Indonesia [Anderson, 1972 #23946]
Journal Article 1972 Otsuka, I. Rice lemmas found in pottery fragments excavated at Non Nok Tha (Thailand) Seiken Ziho [Otsuka, 1972 #30241]
Journal Article 1972 Thurnham, D. I. The effect of riboflavin supplementation on the urinary hydroxyproline: creatinine index in a resettlement village in rural Thailand British Journal of Nutrition [Thurnham, 1972 #30247]
Journal Article 1972 Thurnham, D. I. Riboflavin supplementation in a resettlement village in north-east Thailand British Journal of Nutrition [Thurnham, 1972 #30246]
Journal Article 1972 Schefold, Reimar Review of "Metallurgie und frühe Besiedlungsgeschichte Indonesiens" by Marschall Wolfgang Tropical Man [Schefold, 1972 #30313]
Journal Article 1972 Solheim, Wilhelm G., II Northern Thailand, Southeast Asia, and world prehistory Asian Perspectives (1970) [Solheim, 1972 #30320]
Journal Article 1972 Miles, Douglas Land, labour and kin groups among Southeast Asian shifting cultivators The Australian Journal of Anthropology [Miles, 1972 #30368]
Journal Article 1972 Medway, Lord Phenology of tropical rain forest in Malaya Biological Journal of the Linnean Society [Medway, 1972 #30372]
Journal Article 1972 Mulvaney, D. J. The Australian-Indonesian archaeological expedition to Sulawesi Asian Perspectives (1970) [Mulvaney, 1972 #30380]