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Ref ID: 29898
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Chang, Kwang-chih
Title: Prehistoric archaeology of Taiwan
Date: 1972
Source: Asian Perspectives (1970)
Language: English
Abstract: In an introduction to the special Taiwan issue of this journal (AP VII, 1963), I suggested that to place Taiwan in the larger context of prehistoric East and Southeast Asia and to fully explore its considerable archaeological potential, it would be necessary to elicit the collaboration of natural scientists who could tighten TaiwanÂ’s prehistoric chronology and provide more precise environmental information. I stated further that these endeavors would have to be carried out with reference to scientific excavations at stratified sites (Chang 1964a). During the years 1964-1966, initial steps were taken in precisely these directions throughout the island with investigations undertaken by the Department of Anthropology and the Department of Biology at Yale University, and the Department of Archaeology-Anthropology and Department of Geology of National Taiwan University. In this paper I will attempt to summarize the results of these investigations and will discuss current problems for further research. (For preliminary reports on the 1964-1966 work, see Chang 1967a, 1967b
Chang and Stuiver 1966
Sung 1965
Sung and Chang 1964
Tsukada 1966, 1967.)
Date Created: 4/30/2007
Volume: 13
Page Start: 59
Page End: 77