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Thesis 1971 Bayard, Donn Thomas A course toward what? Evolution, development and change at Non Nok Tha, Northeastern Thailand Anthropology [Bayard, 1971 #36275]
Book Section 1971 Binford, L. Mortuary practices: their study and their potential Approaches to the social dimensions of mortuary practices [Binford, 1971 #22367]
Book 1971 Agrawal, D. P. The copper bronze age in India: an integrated archaeological study of the copper bronze age in India in the light of chronological, technological, and ecological factors, ca. 3000-500 B.C. [Agrawal, 1971 #19868]
Journal Article 1971 Ridd, M. F. South-East Asia as a part of Gondwanaland Nature [Ridd, 1971 #28397]
Thesis 1971 Gardner, Stephen Louis Thailand's mineral resources and economic development Economics [Gardner, 1971 #36348]
Book 1971 Wheatley, Paul The pivot of the four quarters: a preliminary enquiry into the origins and character of the ancient Chinese city [Wheatley, 1971 #20117]
Book 1971 Trautmann, Thomas R. Kautilya and the Arthasastra: a statistical investigation of the authorship and evolution of the text [Trautmann, 1971 #20139]
Book Section 1971 Piperno, M. Microdrilling at Shahr-i Sokhta: the making and use of lithic drill heads South Asian Archaeology 1971. Papers from the First International Conference of South Asian Archaeologists Held in the University of Cambridge [Piperno, 1971 #23470]
Book 1971 Willetts, William Ceramic art of Southeast Asia [Willetts, 1971 #20258]
Journal Article 1971 Mourer, Cécile La coupe à pied annulaire de Laang Spean, Phnom Teak Trang, province de Battambang, Cambodge Bulletin de la Société Préhistorique Française [Mourer, 1971 #29192]
Book 1971 Marr, David G. Vietnamese anticolonialism, 1885-1925 [Marr, 1971 #20402]
Journal Article 1971 Malleret, Louis Histoire abrégée de l'archéologie Indochinoise jusqu'à 1950 Asian Perspectives (1969) [Malleret, 1971 #29328]
Book 1971 Watson, William Cultural frontiers in ancient East Asia [Watson, 1971 #20489]
Journal Article 1971 Harlan, Jack R. Agricultural origins: centers and non-centers Science Magazine [Harlan, 1971 #29587]
Book 1971 Greenhill, Basil Boats and boatmen in Pakistan [Greenhill, 1971 #20550]
Book Section 1971 Glover, I. Prehistoric research in Timor Aboriginal man and environment in Australia [Glover, 1971 #23793]
Journal Article 1971 Rowlands, M. J. The archaeological interpretation of prehistoric metalworking World Archaeology [Rowlands, 1971 #29722]
Journal Article 1971 Tylecote, R. F. The mechanism of the bloomery process in shaft furnaces Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute [Tylecote, 1971 #29701]
Journal Article 1971 Fontaine, H. Enquête sure le néolithique du basin inferieux du Dong Nai Archives Géologiques du Vietnam [Fontaine, 1971 #29739]
Journal Article 1971 Fontaine, H. Renseignements nouveaux sur la céramique du champ de jarres funéraires de Dâu Giây Bulletin des Études Indochinoises [Fontaine, 1971 #29735]
Book 1971 Pliny the Elder, Natural history [Pliny 1971 #20610]
Journal Article 1971 During-Caspers, E. C. L. Etched carnelian beads Bulletin of the Institute of Archaeology [During-Caspers, 1971 #29770]
Book 1971 Goody, Jack Technology, tradition, and the state in Africa [Goody, 1971 #20630]
Book Section 1971 Caley, Earle R. Analyses of some metal artifacts from ancient Afghanistan Science and archaeology [Caley, 1971 #23861]
Journal Article 1971 Dani, A. H. Excavations in the Gomal Valley Ancient Pakistan [Dani, 1971 #29807]
Journal Article 1971 Dayton, J. The problem of tin in the ancient world World Archaeology [Dayton, 1971 #29802]
Book 1971 de Morga, Antonio Sucesos de las islas Filipinas [de 1971 #20659]
Book 1971 Casson, Lionel Ships and seamanship in the ancient world [Casson, 1971 #20706]
Book 1971 Brookfield, H. C. Melanesia: a geographical interpretation of an island world [Brookfield, 1971 #20726]
Book 1971 Brown, James Allison Approaches to the social dimensions of mortuary practices [Brown, 1971 #20725]