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Ref ID: 20659
Ref Type: Book
Authors: de Morga, Antonio
Cummings, J. S., ed.
Title: Sucesos de las islas Filipinas
Date: 1971
Place of Publication: Cambridge
Publisher: Hakluyt Society
Notes: Originally published 1609. <p> <b><a href=""> Download PDF File (3.5MB) </a></b> <p> PDF file translated by de Salvio, Alfonso
Hall, Norman F.
Robertson, James Alexander <p> <b><a href=""> Download Word Document File (2.0MB)</a></b> <p> Word document file translated by Blair, E. H.
Robertson, J. A. <p> <b>Please right-click and select "Save Target As." Opening the file within your browser will not work.</b>
Date Created: 10/17/2007