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Book Section 2011 Barton, H. Prehistoric vegeculture and social life in island Southeast Asia and Melanesia Anthropological and archaeological approaches to foraging-farming transitions in southeast Asia [Barton, 2011 #22354]
Journal Article 2013 Denham, T. Early farming in island Southeast Asia: an alternative hypothesis Antiquity [Denham, 2013 #27703]
Journal Article 2004 Denham, T. New evidence and interpretations for early agriculture in Highland New Guinea Antiquity [Denham, 2004 #27702]
Journal Article 2003 Denham, T. Origins of agriculture at Kuk Swamp in Highland New Guinea Science [Denham, 2003 #27701]
Journal Article 2010 Donohue, M. Farming and language in island Southeast Asia: reframing Austronesian history Current Anthropology [Donohue, 2010 #27718]