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Ref ID: 35825
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Boriskovskii, P. I.
Title: Vietnam in primeval times. Part 7
Date: 1970
Source: Soviet Anthropology and Archaeology
Abstract: Sites under the open sky, remains of which have been preserved on the low-lying, flooded rice fields in the delta of the Red River in the vicinity of Hanoi and to the north of it, constitute a special and very important group of late neolithic relics in Vietnam. These settlements have been discovered and excavated by Vietnamese archeologists in recent years, beginning in 1959. Prior to this time, the Neolithic in Vietnam was represented only by caves and shell mounds, while in the Red River delta only isolated finds of polished neolithic stone axes not associated with a particular cultural stratum or with the remains of a particular ancient settlement were known — i.e., relics not identified archeologically.
Date Created: 2/18/2001
Volume: 9
Page Start: 226
Page End: 264