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Ref ID: 32539
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Higa, Takako
Hanihara, Tsenehiko
Sunakawa, Hajime
Ishida, Hajime
Title: Dental variation of Ryukyu Islanders: a comparative study among Ryukyu, Ainu, and other Asian populations
Date: 2003
Source: American Journal of Human Biology
Abstract: The presence or absence of 24 nonmetric dental traits was examined to investigate the inter- and intraregional variation of Ryukyu Islanders. We compared the dentition of the Kadena sample from the central district of Okinawa Island in the Ryukyu Island chain to those of samples from Nakijin from the northern district of the same Okinawa Island, Tokunoshima, another island of the Ryukyu Island chain, main-island Japanese in Kagoshima and Tokyo, Hokkaido Ainu, Atayal in Taiwan, and Pashtuns and Tajiks in Afghanistan. Many traits of the Ryukyu Islanders were found to be close to those of the main-island Japanese
however, several were intermediate between those of the main-island Japanese and the Ainu or Atayal. The intraregional variation in the Ryukyu Islanders was comparable to that in the main-island Japanese. This result supports the influence of a complex gene flow to the Ryukyu Islanders, as suggested by some genetic studies. Among the populations compared here, that closest to the Ainu was the population of Tokunoshima.
Date Created: 5/19/2003
Volume: 15
Number: 2
Page Start: 127
Page End: 143