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Ref ID: 31023
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Bui Van Liem,
Pham Quoc Quan,
Title: Khu mo thuyen minh Duc ( Ha Son Binh ) [ Boat coffins burial ground at Minh Duc ]
Date: 1991
Source: Khao Co Hoc
Language: Vietnamese
Notes: Diacriticals from original publication not included
Abstract: English summary on page 63 as follws: Minh Duc boat coffins burialground is situated in the lowest area of ung Hoa district (Ha Son Binh prov.) where the distribution of boat coffins is rather dense. Inside the pond behind the Commune house were discovered 7 coffins next to the settlement site Boat coffins were elaborately made from tree trunks. Typical artifacts of Dong Son culture and those from trade and exchange were discovered. More excitedly, there were artifacts which arouse the study of traditional occupations such a lacquer working, textiling. From the study of the coffins and the artifacts inside them, it is possible to think that this was a settlement site and also a cemetery of the inhabitants of the Dong Son culture about 2.000 B.P.
Date Created: 5/28/2004
Number: 76
Page Start: 56
Page End: 63