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Ref ID: 30958
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Han Van Khan,
Title: Doi dieu suy nghi ve khuon va ky thuat che tao gom bang khuon trong thoi dai da moi va kim khi [Some thoughts on technology of pottery production with moulds in the Neolithic and Bronze Age]
Date: 1993
Source: Khao Co Hoc
Language: Vietnamese
Notes: Diacriticals from original publication not included
Abstract: Pottery made by hand, by wheels in the neolithic and Bronze Ages has been studied for long time but pottery production with moulds has rarely been noticed. Moulds used for pottery production were almost absent from archaeological sites. They were only noticed from the traces on the pottery or portsherds obtained from archaeologial excavations. With the combination of ethnographic records on the method of pottery production with moulds in Mexico and broken moulds found in neolithic and chaleolithic sites in Bulgari and from experimental manufacturing of pottery with monovalve and bivalve moulds, the author states the process of making pottery with moulds as follows: preparing materials, making mould pattern (and baking if the pattern made of clay), making the mould (and baking if the mould made clay), forming pottery with the mould, firing pottery. According to the author, the way of making pottery with mould is usually combined with the way of making pottery by hand.
Date Created: 5/28/2004
Number: 86
Page Start: 9
Page End: 15