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Ref ID: 29496
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Fitzgerald-Huber, Louisa G.
Title: Qijia and Erlitou: the question of contacts with distant cultures
Date: 1995
Source: Early China
DOI: 10.1017/S0362502800004429
Abstract: This paper investigates the relationships between the Early Metal Age cultures of the Inner Mongolia and Gansu-Qinghai area with the Erlitou culture of the Central Plains region, and addresses the issue whether specific metal objects characteristic of these cultures may have their source of inspiration in areas as remote as southern Siberia and present-day Afghanistan and southern Turkmenistan. The proposal that China at the very beginning of its Bronze Age may have been affected by long-distance cultural transmissions depends upon recent reevaluations of the early history of the Eurasian steppe, in particular the advent of nomadic pastoralism and horse riding, and upon newly recalibrated carbon dates ascertained for specific Siberian sites and for the Bactrian-Margiana complex.
Date Created: 7/3/2008
Volume: 20
Page Start: 17
Page End: 67