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Ref ID: 29427
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: O'Connor, Sue
Title: New evidence from East Timor contributes to our understanding of earliest modern human colonisation east of the Sunda Shelf
Date: 2007
Source: Antiquity
Abstract: New dates by which modern humans reached East Timor prompts this very useful update of the colonisation of Island Southeast Asia. The author addresses all the difficult questions: why are the dates for modern humans in Australia earlier than they are in Island Southeast Asia? Which route did they use to get there? If they used the southern route, why or how did they manage to bypass Flores, where Homo floresiensis, the famous non-sapiens hominin known to the world as the ‘hobbit’ was already in residence? New work at the rock shelter of Jerimalai suggests some answers and new research directions.
Date Created: 10/22/2008
Volume: 81
Number: 313
Page Start: 523
Page End: 535