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Journal Article 2007 Sanderson, David C. W. Luminescence dating of canal sediments from Angkor Borei, Mekong Delta, Southern Cambodia Quaternary Geochronology [Sanderson, 2007 #37203]
Book Section 2007 Craddock, Paul Introduction: achievements and challenges Metals and mines: studies in archaeometallurgy [Craddock, 2007 #22219]
Journal Article 2007 Barbour, Margaret M. Stable oxygen isotope composition of plant tissue: a review Functional Plant Biology [Barbour, 2007 #26617]
Journal Article 2007 Leavesley, Matthew G. A shark-tooth ornament from Pleistocene Sahul Antiquity [Leavesley, 2007 #26790]
Journal Article 2007 Ku, Huei-Wei Paleo-environmental evolution as revealed by analysis of organic carbon and nitrogen: a case of coastal Taipei Basin in northern Taiwan Geochemical Journal [Ku, 2007 #26973]
Journal Article 2007 Chirachariyavej, T. The relationship between bone and ash weight to body weight and body length of Thai corpses in Bangkok and central part of Thailand after cremation Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand [Chirachariyavej, 2007 #27642]
Journal Article 2007 Bentley, R. A. Shifting gender relations at Khok Phanom Di, Thailand Current Anthropology [Bentley, 2007 #27678]
Conference Paper 2007 Krigbaum, J. New perspectives on diet, ecology, and residence during the transition to history in the Mekong Delta Symposium on subsistence, settlement, and society: formative East and Southeast Asia in comparative perspective [Krigbaum, 2007 #26402]
Book Section 2007 Rabett, R. J. Through the looking glass: new evidence on the presence and behaviour of late Pleistocene humans at Niah Cave, Sarawak, Borneo Rethinking the human revolution [Rabett, 2007 #22370]
Book 2007 Adi Haji Taha Archaeology of Ulu Kelantan [Adi 2007 #19799]
Report 2007 Lewis, Helen The 2007 season of the Palawan island palaeohistoric research project: a partial report [Lewis, 2007 #36151]
Journal Article 2007 H. Shang, An early modern human from Tianyuan cave, Zhoukoudian, China PNAS [H. 2007 #27712]
Book (Edited) 2007 Reinecke, Andreas Das alte Vietnam. Auf den Spuren des Abbé Charles-Thomas de Saint-Phalle in Tunkin [Reinecke, 2007 #21334]
Journal Article 2007 Hill, Catherine A mitochondrial stratigraphy for island Southeast Asia American Journal of Human Genetics [Hill, 2007 #27737]
Journal Article 2007 Groslier, Bernard Philippe The Angkorian hydraulic city: exploitation or over-exploitation of the soil? Aséanie [Groslier, 2007 #27745]
Journal Article 2007 Tran, Trong Hoa Permo-Triassic intermediate-felsic magmatism of the Truong Son belt, eastern margin of Indochina Comptes Rendus Geoscience [Tran, 2007 #27750]
Journal Article 2007 Allan, Sarah Erlitou and the formation of Chinese civilization: toward a new paradigm Journal of Asian Studies [Allan, 2007 #27768]
Journal Article 2007 Pottier, C. Les premières capitales d'Ankor (Cambodge) [The first capitals of Angkor (Cambodia)] Prix Clio [Pottier, 2007 #27774]
Thesis 2007 Hamid, M.I. Bengkel Alat Batu Zaman Pleistosen Pertengahan (70,000 Tahun Dahulu) Di Kota Tampan, Lenggon, Perak [Hamid, 2007 #36300]
Thesis 2007 Evans, D. H. Putting Angkor on the map: a new survey of a Khmer 'hydraulic city' in historical and theortical context Archaeology [Evans, 2007 #36301]
Journal Article 2007 Pernicka, E. Energy dispersive x.ray fluorescence analysis of ancient copper alloys: empirical values for precision and accuracy Archaeometry [Pernicka, 2007 #27917]
Electronic Source 2007 Kooij, Karel R. van ABIA South and Southeast Asian art and archaeology index [Kooij, 2007 #26591]
Book Section 2007 Nguyên Xuân Hiên, Glutinous rice, kinship and the Têt festival in Vietnam Kinship and food in South East Asia [Nguyên 2007 #22580]
Book Section 2007 van Oosterhout, Dianne Constructing bodies, constructing identities: nature and kinship ties in a Papuan society Kinship and food in South East Asia [van 2007 #22583]
Book Section 2007 de Jong, Willemijn Rice rituals, kinship identities and ethnicity in central Flores Kinship and food in South East Asia [de 2007 #22582]
Book Section 2007 Sparkes, Stephen Rice for the ancestors: food offerings, kinship and merit among the Isan of Northeast Thailand Kinship and food in South East Asia [Sparkes, 2007 #22581]
Book Section 2007 Janowski, Monica Feeding the right food: the flow of life and the construction of kinship in Southeast Asia Kinship and food in South East Asia [Janowski, 2007 #22590]
Book Section 2007 Heringa, Rens Reconstructing the whole: seven months pregnancy ritual in Kerek, East Java Kinship and food in South East Asia [Heringa, 2007 #22589]
Book Section 2007 Kerlogue, Fiona Food and the family: assimilation in a Malay village Kinship and food in South East Asia [Kerlogue, 2007 #22588]
Book Section 2007 Davis, Carol Food, fertility and kinship in Minangkabau Kinship and food in South East Asia [Davis, 2007 #22587]