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Ref ID: 28652
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Baird, Ian G.
Title: Different views of history: shades of irredentism along the Laos-Cambodia border
Date: 2010
Source: Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
Abstract: The administrative boundary between Laos and Cambodia is amongst the least studied international borders in Southeast Asia. Since Laos and Cambodia became independent in 1953–54, relatively minor but sustained tensions have characterised border relations. An important reason for disagreements is irredentist feelings. Some ethnic Lao in both Laos and Cambodia believe that part of northeastern Cambodia should be added to Laos, while some ethnic Khmer in Cambodia insist that their border should be extended to include part of southern Laos. Different emphases and framings of history have contributed to irredentism and the development of identities in relation to the border.
Date Created: 9/26/2011
Volume: 41
Number: 2
Page Start: 187
Page End: 213