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Book Section in a Series 2020 Kim, Nam C. A pathway to emergent social complexity and state power: a view from Southeast Asia The evolution of social institutions: interdisciplinary perspectives [Kim, 2020 #36843]
Journal Article 2019 Penny, Dan Geoarchaeological evidence from Angkor, Cambodia, reveals a gradual decline rather than a catastrophic 15th-century collapse PNAS [Penny, 2019 #36839]
Journal Article 2020 Klassen, Sarah Top-down and bottom-up water management: a diachronic model of changing water management strategies at Angkor, Cambodia Journal of Anthropological Archaeology [Klassen, 2020 #19619]
Journal Article 2020 Hendrickson, Mitch Sparks and needles: Seeking catalysts of state expansions, a case study of technological interaction at Angkor, Cambodia (9th to 13th centuries CE) Journal of Anthropological Anthropology [Hendrickson, 2020 #19019]
Book Section 1987 Patterson, Thomas C. Tribes, Chiefdoms, and Kingdoms in the Inca Empire Power Relations and State Formation [Patterson, 1987 #22158]
Book Section 2018 Nguyen Van Quang, Role of the Hoa Chau citadel (Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam) in the history of Champa and Dai Viet through archaeological results Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2016 [Nguyen 2018 #22244]
Book Section 2017 Hendrickson, Mitch Transportation and the anomaly of road systems in medieval mainland Southeast Asia Handbook of East and Southeast Asian Archaeology [Hendrickson, 2017 #22296]
Journal Article 1940 Nilakanta Sastri, K. A. Sri Vijaya Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Nilakanta 1940 #26923]
Book (Edited) 1988 Gledhill, John State and society: the emergence and development of social hierarchy and political centralization One World Archaeology [Gledhill, 1988 #21380]
Journal Article 1976 Winzeler, Robert L. Ecology, culture, social organization, and state formation in Southeast Asia [and comments and reply] Current Anthropology [Winzeler, 1976 #28022]
Journal Article 2009 Campbell, Roderick B. Toward a networks and boundaries approach to early complex politics: the late Shang case Current Anthropology [Campbell, 2009 #28021]
Journal Article 1970 Carneiro, Robert L. A theory on the origin of the state Science [Carneiro, 1970 #28020]
Book Section 2009 Scott, James C. Hills, valleys, and states: an introduction to Zomia The art of not being governed: an anarchist history of Upland Southeast Asia [Scott, 2009 #22627]
Book Section 2009 Scott, James C. State evasion, state prevention: the culture and agriculture of escape The art of not being governed: an anarchist history of Upland Southeast Asia [Scott, 2009 #22622]
Book 2009 Scott, James C. The art of not being governed: an anarchist history of Upland Southeast Asia Yale Agrarian Studies [Scott, 2009 #20000]
Journal Article 2004 Smith, Michael E. The archaeology of ancient state economies Annual Review of Anthropology [Smith, 2004 #28074]
Book 2011 Streckfuss, David Truth on trial in Thailand: defamation, treason, and lèse-majesté Rethinking Southeast Asia [Streckfuss, 2011 #20054]
Book 2009 Werner, Jayne Susan Gender, household and state in post-revolutionary Vietnam ASAA women in Asia [Werner, 2009 #20052]
Journal Article 2001 Castles, Alex C. Hidden legal treasures of Sarawak's history Sarawak Museum Journal [Castles, 2001 #28513]
Journal Article 2010 Baird, Ian G. Different views of history: shades of irredentism along the Laos-Cambodia border Journal of Southeast Asian Studies [Baird, 2010 #28652]
Journal Article 1979 Aijmer, Goran Reconciling power with authority: an aspect of statecraft in traditional Laos Man [Aijmer, 1979 #28661]
Book Section 2000 Turton, Andrew Introduction to "Civility and Savagery" Civility and Savagery [Turton, 2000 #23261]
Book Section 2000 Renard, Ronald D. The differential integration of hill people into the Thai state Civility and Savagery [Renard, 2000 #23259]
Book Section 2000 Keyes, Chares F. A princess in a people's republic: a new phase in the construction of the Lao nation Civility and Savagery [Keyes, 2000 #23253]
Book Section 2000 Kossikov, Igor Nationalities policy in modern Laos Civility and Savagery [Kossikov, 2000 #23252]
Book Section 2000 Ngaosyvathn, Mayoury Tribal politics in Laos Civility and Savagery [Ngaosyvathn, 2000 #23251]
Book Section 2000 Bowie, Katherine A. Ethnic heterogeneity and elephants in nineteenth-century Lanna statecraft Civility and Savagery [Bowie, 2000 #23247]
Book 2005 Jonsson, Hjorleifur Mien relations: mountain people and state control in Thailand [Jonsson, 2005 #20101]
Book Section 1986 Christie, Jan Wisseman Negara, Mandala, and despotic state: images of early Java Southeast Asia in the 9th to 14th centuries [Christie, 1986 #23310]
Book 1998 Vickery, Michael Society, economics, and politics in pre-Angkor Cambodia: the 7th and 8th centuries [Vickery, 1998 #20127]