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Ref ID: 26968
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Borell, Brigitte
Title: Glass from China and from India: finds of vessel glass from fourteenth century Singapore
Date: 2010
Source: Archipel
Abstract: The paper presents two different groups of vessel glass fragments found in fourteenth century Singapore. They differ in almost every aspect of size, shape, technique, and chemical composition of their glass. The first group consists of small, apparently core-formed vessels with polychrome decoration. The second group represents a selection of blown glass vessels characterised by their peculiar rim shape. The paper explores the stylistic, typological, and technical relation of the glass vessels in their historical context. According to the chemical analyses the glass of the first group originates from China, whereas that of the second group from South Asia. The find distribution of related glassware in Southeast Asia reflects the flow of such luxury commodities along the maritime trade routes, emphasising the geographical situation of Singapore "between two oceans": the South China Sea and - via the Strait of Malacca - the Indian Ocean.
Date Created: 10/16/2017
Volume: 80
Number: 1
Page Start: 139
Page End: 196