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Ref ID: 25421
Ref Type: Book Section in a Series
Authors: Hirofumi Matsumura,
Wataru Takigawa,
Nguyen Kim Thuy,
Nguyen Anh Tuan,
Title: Quantitative limb bone-morphology at Man Bac
Date: 2011
Source: Man Bac: the excavation of a neolithic site in northern Vietnam
Place of Publication: Canberra
Publisher: ANU E Press
Abstract: The aim of this chapter is to: (1) morphometrically describe the Man Bac adult infracranial remains, essentially the major long bones; (2) estimate sex specific stature in the series; and (3) compare the relative level of Man Bac infracranial robusticity with other samples in the region. It is hoped this analysis will contribute to a better understanding of generalised behaviours the Man Bac community may have been engaged in.
Date Created: 10/6/2014
Editors: Oxenham, Marc F.
Hirofumi Matsumura,
Nguyen Kim Dung,
Volume: 33
Page Start: 65
Page End: 75
Series Title: Terra Australis