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Ref ID: 25249
Ref Type: Book Section in a Series
Authors: Helms, Mary W.
Title: Political Lords and Political Ideology in Southeastern Chiefdoms: Comments and Observations
Date: 1992
Source: Lords of the Southeast: Social Inequality and the Native Elites of Southeastern North America
Publisher: American Anthropological Association
Abstract: This collection of papers highlights contexts in which ideology seems to have played a leading role in the political life of Southeastern societies. In this essay it is assumed that these polities operated within a general cosmological perspective based on belief in the consubstantiality of life. It is also assumed that association with qualities of distant time and space conveyed political legitimation to high elites. Building on these assumptions the significance of chiefly contacts with both horizontal (geographical) and vertical (celestial) external domains is examined and discussed.
Identifier: 0-913167-48-7
Date Created: 7/16/2019
Editors: Barker, Alex W.
Pauketat, Timothy R.
Number: 3
Page Start: 185
Page End: 194
Series Editor: Fitzhugh, William W.
Series Title: Archeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association