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Ref ID: 25220
Ref Type: Book Section in a Series
Authors: Sullivan, Norman C.
Title: The Biological Consequences of the Mississippian Expansion into the Western Great Lakes Region
Date: 1990
Source: Powers of Observation: Alternative Views in Archeology
Abstract: Analysis of the impact of complex societies on small societies has rarely been addressed in the archeological record. This is done here in a case study from the prehistoric midwest with documentation of contacts between Middle Mississippians and indigenous peoples of the western Great Lakes region. Human skeletal remains have been analyzed in order to demonstrate the introduction of new subsistence practices and diseases into the upper midwest from the Mississippian core. Skeletal remains have also been analyzed for evidence of interā€group conflict. These data are synthesized by modeling the demographic impact on populations of the upper midwest.
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Editors: Nelson, Sarah M.
Kehoe, Alice B.
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