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Book Section in a Series 1990 Sullivan, Norman C. The Biological Consequences of the Mississippian Expansion into the Western Great Lakes Region Powers of Observation: Alternative Views in Archeology [Sullivan, 1990 #25220]
Book Section in a Series 1990 Bumsted, M. Pamela Recognizing Women in the Archeological Record Powers of Observation: Alternative Views in Archeology [Bumsted, 1990 #25219]
Journal Article 2017 Scott, Shelby Sex estimation from measurements of the calcaneus: applications for personal identification in Thailand Forensic Science International [Scott, 2017 #26733]
Book Section 2008 Symes, S. A. Patterned thermal destruction of human remains in a forensic setting The analysis of burned human remains [Symes, 2008 #22361]
Journal Article 2010 Halcrow, S. E. Talon cusp in a deciduous lateral incisor from prehistoric Southeast Asia International Journal of Osteoarchaeology [Halcrow, 2010 #28191]
Book Section 2006 Duday, Henri Archaeothanatology or the archaeology of death Social archaeology of funerary remains [Duday, 2006 #22952]
Book Section 2002 Roksandic, Mirjana Position of skeletal remains as a key to understanding mortuary behaviour Advances in forensic taphonomy: method, theory, and archaeological perspectives [Roksandic, 2002 #22953]
Book 2009 Duday, Henri The Archaeology of the Dead: Lectures in Archaeothanatology [Duday, 2009 #20046]
Book 1981 Binford, Lewis R. Bones: ancient men and modern myths [Binford, 1981 #20748]
Journal Article 2006 Cox, Katharine Forensic identification of "race:" the issues in New Zealand Current Anthropology [Cox, 2006 #30150]
Book Section in a Series 1975 Rişcuţia, Cantemir A study of the Modjokerto infant calvarium Paleoanthropology: morphology and paleoecology [Rişcuţia, 1975 #25960]
Journal Article 2004 Schmitt, A. Age-at-death assessment using the os pubis and the auricular surface of the illium: a test on an identified Asian sample International Journal of Osteoarchaeology [Schmitt, 2004 #30701]
Journal Article 2001 Evison, Martin P. Population studies using HLA Ancient Biomolecules [Evison, 2001 #32450]
Journal Article 1994 Cumming, David C. Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Reproduction Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences [Cumming, 1994 #34744]
Journal Article 1988 Goodman, Alan H. Biocultural perspectives on stress in prehistoric, historical, and contemporary population research Yearbook of Physical Anthropology [Goodman, 1988 #34697]
Book Section 1997 Feldesman, Marc R. Bridging the chasm: demystifying some statistical methods used in biological anthropology Biological anthropology: the state of the science [Feldesman, 1997 #24656]
Book 1988 Harrison, G. A. Human Biology. An introduction to human evolution, variation, growth, and adaptability [Harrison, 1988 #21130]
Book 2000 Katzenberg, M. Anne Biological anthropology of the human skeleton [Katzenberg, 2000 #21120]
Journal Article 1999 King, Christopher A. Sex Determination from Thai Tibiae HOMO [King, 1999 #34838]
Journal Article 1998 Iscan, M. Yasar Sexual dimorphism in the humerus: a comparative analysis of Chinese, Japanese and Thais Forensic Science International [Iscan, 1998 #35402]