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Authors: Bonatz, Dominik
Title: Archaeology of the Jambi Highlands (Indonesia)
Date: 2008
Source: From <i>Homo erectus</i> to the living traditions
Place of Publication: Chiang Mai
Publisher: European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists
Notes: Choice of Papers from the 11th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists, Bougon, 25th-29th September 2006.
Abstract: Since 2003, archaeological investigations have taken place in the Kerinci and Serempas, the Jambi highlands. Excavations and surveys revealed new material on the early settlements. The megaliths are by far the best-known archaeological attractions. In our attempt to relocate all the previously documented megaliths as well as to record newly discovered ones we have examined a total of 20 megalithic sites. Close to the stone remains, settlements were discovered which date back at least to the early 12th century AD. A burial ground of a number of large earthenware jars which were buried in the ground is roughly contemporary to the megalithic sites. Apart from the local earthenware other objects found at these places illustrate aspects of exchange with the lowlands, i.e. the kingdom of Srivijaya and Melayu. This year excavations fulfilled one of the main goals of the research project by filling the gap between the period of the megalithic sites and the pre-colonial period. We have excavated a fortified village which was occupied from the 18th to the early 20th century. The pottery finds are instructive in providing a sequence to compare it with material from other places in the region in order to extend our understanding of the cultural formation processes in the highlands of Sumatra.
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