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Ref ID: 22409
Ref Type: Book Section
Authors: Glover, Ian
Title: The bronze age to iron age transition in Southeast Asia – a comparative perspective
Date: 2015
Source: Metals and civilizations: proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on the Beginnings of the Use of Metals and Alloys (BUMA VII)
Place of Publication: Bangalore, India
Publisher: National Institute of Advanced Studies
Abstract: Recent archaeological evidence shows that the adoption of iron for making tools and weapons was quite a long drawn out process lasting several centuries in the Middle East and Western Europe whereas in Southeast Asia, and especially in Thailand, central and southern Vietnam and Peninsula India it appears to have been quite rapid. These regions lacked a developed Bronze Age such as experienced further west and in northern and central China where the control of mining, trade in metals and forging and casting bronzes played a significant role in maintaining elite social groups of complex civilizations. In southern India and in much of Southeast Asia the technical transition was basically from stone to iron.
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Ranganathan, Srinivasa
Giumlia-Mair, Alessandra
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