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Ref ID: 22325
Ref Type: Book Section
Authors: Hoogervorst, Tom
Title: Tracing maritime connections between island Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean world
Date: 2017
Source: The Routledge Handbook of Archaeology and Globalization
Place of Publication: London UK
New York, USA
Publisher: Routledge
Abstract: Southeast Asia’s historical connections with the Indian Ocean provide a case study par excellence of ‘early globalization’, ‘archaic globalization’, or simply ‘globalization’ (cf. Abu-Lughod 1991
Hobson 2004
throughout this chapter, I use Island Southeast Asia and Maritime Southeast Asia interchangeably. I do not focus here on the mainland Southeast Asian sub-region
Figure 8.4.1). The region’s incorporation into global exchange networks largely predates the rise of Western Europe as a world power, and has, as such, inspired those taking issue with Eurocentric tropes on globalization (cf. Frank 1998
Liebermann 2009
Chew 2014). Maritime Southeast Asian globalization is an a posteriori concept
the region’s past, as this chapter demonstrates, was shaped by indigenous networks of exchange that eventually toppled over into trans-Asiatic and ultimately global spheres of interaction. These networks were global in the sense that they were not just macroscalar, but also brought about far-reaching cultural changes (Feinman this volume
Jennings this volume). Globalization as defined here need not necessarily be world-encompassing (Wallerstein 1974
Pitts and Versluys 2015
Knappett this volume).
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